Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Slice of Life and Sharing our Stories: Double the Fun in July!

We added two grandchildren in July, bringing us to a grand total of six grandchildren. Lily joined my son and his wife, big brother Teddy and big sis, Ruthie on July 9. Oliver joined my daughter and her husband, and big brothers Jack and Robby on July 14. 

The poems I've included in today's post are paint chip poems. I searched for the colors by searching digital paint chips (mostly at Benjamin Moore). I chose colors that I wanted to incorporate into poems to honor the births of granddaughter Lily and grandson Oliver. While Oliver's paint chip names were all in the blue family, I may have added some other pastels besides pink to Lily's paint chip poem.  




We head to bed with Baby Dreams

of Newborn Pink knowing that 

with Friday’s Daybreak and Sunrise,

your arrival is imminent.


From the first Pink Moment

 Glimmer of your dark hair

and glimpse of your Rosy Glow,

Mom and Dad are Sky High joyful.


 Dubbed Lilycakes by big brother Teddy, 

you are as Irrestible as Pink Parfait.

another little sister to love and adore.


Sister Ruthie shows her Heartfelt adoration

in the Delightful way she hovers

 and explores your tiny features.


Welcome, sweet Lily to the Behnke family!

 We are Tickled Pink that you are here.



                                     - Grandma Ramona Behnke



We longed for you.   

You took your sweet time.

Rest Assured in Mama's womb,  

it was past time for you

to unfurl your Topsail,

shed your Gossamer Veil,

and Bluebird Feather 

your way to earth.  


Wednesday began with Meander Blue,

a morning stroll near the library.

Your mama was intent on 

the quicker pace of Resolute Blue.

Walk finished, back home,

no talking from Mama.

I glance at her, phone in hand, 

timing contractions.  


We head to Kirkland,

as Secure Blue settles,

this would be your

White Heron day.

You slide into my welcoming hands,

our First Star, arriving well before dusk.


Welcome to the world,

Oliver William Passey!

Our Star Dew, Loveable Marshmallow

filling our hearts with Rapture Blue.


- Grandma Ramona Behnke  


Thursday, July 1, 2021

Spiritual Journey Thursday, Sharing Our Stories, and Poetry Friday: Nurturing Our Summer Souls

Carol at Beyond Literacy Link is hosting Spiritual Journey Thursday this month with the theme of Nurturing Our Summer Souls. We would love to have you join us. 

When Carol asked us to write about nurturing our summer souls for Spiritual Journey Thursday, my first idea was to take the theme and create an acrostic poem. But I found that structure too constraining. Then I tried to collect my ideas into prose, but that wasn't right either. It didn't take long for me to decide that a list poem was the perfect vehicle for my summer musings on how to savor summer and nurture our souls.

Savor Summer

Sip lemonade

Rock on the porch

Sit in the shade

Cheer the children in the neighborhood parade 

Throw candy for the marchers

Salute Old Glory

Chat with the neighbors  

Cool off with a popsicle

Rescue ice cream from the spoon & return it to the cone

Indulge in a shaved ice

Build a sandcastle

Bury my feet in the sand

Swim in the ocean or the lake or a pool

Hike in the woods 

Picnic with friends 

Play at the park

Swing until my toes touch the sky

Vacation with family in my hometown

Saunter the library stacks (when it opens)

Read outside, read inside, read on the road, read at home

Attend outdoor theater

Stroll the farmer's market

Collect shells or rocks or pine cones or memories

Embrace the new (food, flavor, trail, experience)

Listen to the birds 

Celebrate fireflies 


Revel in the flowers

Water my garden barefoot

Talk to my tomatoes

Stop at roadside stands

Buy the berries and the melons and the peaches

Showcase summer in my best dishes

Gaze at the night sky

Take my quiet time outside

Ponder God's word

Listen for His voice 

Feel His love

Embrace the miracle of today

Journal the wonder

Nurture my soul