Thursday, December 2, 2021

Spiritual Journey Thursday: Waiting

Chris is hosting Spiritual Journey Thursday this month. She provided a one word prompt for us, "waiting" with a side of "hope".

I did not grow up in a spiritual tradition that observed Advent. But I'm interested in learning more from my friends. I've intentionally forced myself to "wait" to read your posts until I've written mine (with one exception). I did read Chris's post, our host for this month. What a gift Chris gave us with her lovely poems!  

I read an article I found on the internet, "Three Characteristics of Advent Waiting" by Marina Berzins McCoy. Her explanation of the special ways that we wait during Advent was simple, to the point, and provided room for reflection: "1. Advent waiting is expectant. 2. Advent waiting requires making space.          3. Advent waiting is hopeful."

When Chris mentioned that she was reading Henry Nouwen's essay "Waiting for God" in the book Watch for the Light, I remembered that I had this book on my shelf of Christmas books. As I read Nouwen's essay, I was touched by his observation that all the people in the early pages of the gospel of Luke are waiting: Zechariah and Elizabeth, Mary, and Simeon and Anna. Mary and Elizabeth came together creating " for each other to wait." Nouwen goes on to say that he thinks of this coming together as "...the model of the Christian community.  It is a community of support, celebration, and affirmation in which we can lift up what has already begun in us."

I feel blessed to participate in Spiritual Journey Thursday with a community of fellow believers. I am grateful for the support I feel in this community as we write together and explore spiritual topics each month. I celebrate our coming together and affirm that I always learn from each of you. And now I'm off to read your posts and learn more about waiting during this season of Advent. I'm sure to be lifted up!