Monday, April 30, 2012

Green for Growth!

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I have a friend who walks with me and waits patiently while I photograph favorite trees and blossoms.  I'm not a professional photographer, but the photos that I snap with my phone bring joy to me and often become a featured desktop photo.   During March I kept looking for the new growth which appears on our evergreens.  It's a lovely, pale shade of green and so soft to the touch.   When I see it, I'm unable to resist the urge to touch it and experience the softness of this new growth.  We were unable to find any of this new growth on our walks, so we decided that we must have missed it.  

This past Saturday hubby and I took a walk.  I like to explore new neighborhoods, but he prefers walking the same route.  While walking the pedestrian route that my husband prefers, I turned a corner and was totally surprised by new growth!  I was so excited that I emailed the photo to my friend as soon as we arrived home from our walk.  She insists that she heard me singing before she received the photo.  Here's the photo and my thanks to each of you who nurture my growth with your comments!  I feel that this tender new growth mirrors my attempt at writing in this public forum.   

If you sliced with your students in March, I'd love to hear about your month of writing and the ways that you celebrated student growth.  I can't resist a shoutout to fellow blogger, Dana, who provided questions that helped me frame a reflection for my 6th graders to respond to their month of writing. 
       This photo honors the new growth that we experience as writers on the Slice of Life!