Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Slices on My Mind!

I'm buried in slices!  Our celebration is Friday.  My students are selecting four of their slices to share at our celebration and on a bulletin board with our larger school community .  I'm helping edit the slices, and then the students are planning how to present their slices for our gallery walk on Friday.  I'm hoping to get student permission to share some slices here.

I have a fabulous parent team in charge of our luncheon - pizza slices and veggie slices, topped off with cake and pie slices!  We'll have a gallery walk and our awards presentation with recognition for our three levels of slicers -  bronze (sliced every school day during the month of March), silver (sliced every school day and some on the weekends), and gold (sliced every day during the month of March).  Then we'll enjoy lunch and a movie! 

My students were incredible slicers.  Out of my sixty sixth grade students, more than 1/2 of them sliced every day during March!  Somehow I couldn't let Tuesday sneak by without a quick slice!  See you next week for our regular Tuesday Slice of Life!


  1. What an amazing thing you've done with your kids. They will always remember this year, the year of the writing challenge.

  2. I can't believe so many of them wrote everyday! Must be because of their great teacher! :)

  3. What an apt celebration treat--pizza slices for writing slices. At the beginning of this season's SOL, my comment to you suggested that you would be a great role model for your students. I stand by the statement. They are lucky to have a teacher who is not only a role model, but no doubt an encourager along the way as well. One who walks the walk.
    Thank you for the ecouraging words you shared with me. They blessed me today.