Monday, March 25, 2019

SOL 25/31: Messages from Our Devices!

I remember when I used to wait for the credit card electronic pad at the grocery store to flash the word "approved".  (They don't do that anymore.) I would inwardly chuckle at this mechanical affirmation and even savor the word "approved" as if it applied to me. 

I remember the first time I hopped in my car, and my phone flashed a message that it was a seven minute drive to my school. Yikes, how did it know I was headed to school? Turns out, it didn't really KNOW, it just knew about my usual behavior on this day at this time. But it felt a bit creepy!

I recently set up a padlet for favorite slicers (and also for slicers who leave comments, but when I click on your name in the comment, it doesn't connect me to your blog). You know who you are!

During a recent middle of the night slicing and commenting insomnia jag, this comment popped up when I opened Padlet: 
"Hi, bookwoman
Burning the midnight oil, huh?"

And the Padlet conversations continue:
Just this morning:
"Someone's up early."
A bit later, it was:
"Happy Monday."

But my all time favorite Padlet greeting was the one I noticed yesterday:
"Hi, bookwoman
Gentle reminder:
You're beautiful." 

What's the best (or creepiest) message you've every received from an electronic device?

Sunday, March 24, 2019

SOL 24/31: Bunny Business

Once the snowmen are packed away, it's time to bring on the bunnies. I have more than a few bunnies and other assorted springtime creatures to decorate the mantle and bookshelves in the family room. This tradition began years ago when I saw my friend Lynn Corder's extensive bunny collection. She assured me that it was easy since her kids usually got some kind of fluffy stuffed creature each year for Easter. The key was just to hang on to the creatures. And so I did.

And last Friday Jack spent the day meeting Grandma's and Mama's and Uncle Blake's bunnies as we unpacked the bunny box. Last week his favorite was Bun Bun, Uncle Blake's bunny. He also liked the bunny that plays "Easter Parade" when you squeeze the heart she's holding. This week the favorite bunny was Blossom, his mama's much loved purple bunny (although Jack insists it is blue). Blossom went with us to the library on Friday and then I let Jack take her home.

But the best bunny business of the week occurred Friday afternoon as Jack and I headed for the stairs and naptime. 

He was talking about bunnies when I looked at him and said, "Do you want to nap with blue bunny? We could go find her."

"Nooo," was his sad reply.

I looked at him, holding his beloved Lovey by the ears and said, "Lovey is a bunny."

He stopped in his tracks, stared incredulously at me, and replied emphatically, "Lovey is a lovey!"  

And so I stand corrected. There are bunnies and loveys and Grandma should never confuse the two.

And when I told this story to Grandpa, he replied, "Lovey doesn't have much of a body. He's kind of flat."

Of course! And so now I know the truth about loveys and bunnies, straight from the mouths of a two-year-old boy and his 
sixty-something-year-old grandpa.
 Jack and Blossom visit the boy and his bunny at the library!
 Bun Bun is on the back row, far right and Pink Bunny
(who plays Easter Parade) is back row next to Yellow Duck.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

SOL 23/31: Rome in Three Days!

Our tour guide told us over and over that we would need to come back again . . . that our tour was a "taste" and we would want more. He was so right! Every time I try to write this post, I get lost in my pictures and memories. Come along for a pictorial stroll through my three days in Rome (not in chronological order). There's one picture at the end that captures one of my favorite  small moments in Rome.

First, some pics of outdoor structures.
 I love ancient arches!
The Colosseum
Started in AD 70, inaugural contest in AD 80
(Don't you love the bird in flight?)
The Rome Temple of 
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
groundbreaking October 23, 2010
dedicated March 10, 2019
Interested in seeing more?
Click here for a virtual tour to see what we saw
when we visited during the open house. 
 The Forum
My travel buddies
Fountain of The Four Rivers at Piazza Navona 
The Pantheon 
St. Peter's Square, Vatican City

Inside museum pics:
"Whispers" on & ready to roll
 Artistry in stone

That's Manuela, our local tour guide in Rome,
pointing to the tapestry of the risen Lord. 

Look up!

Rome at night:
The Spanish Steps
Moonlit night
Tossing coins in Trevi Fountain
At the end of our second day,
we finally get our first (but not our last) gelato!

Pics snapped from the bus

The tour of the Colosseum was over and I was at the tail end of our group. I needed to hustle. But I yearned to linger and watch this den meeting in the shadow of the Colosseum.

Friday, March 22, 2019

SOL 22/31 & Poetry Friday: How to Find a Poem!

  Rebecca Herzog at Sloth Reads is hosting
 this week's round-up of poetic goodness.
I didn't know that she was calling us to 
take part in National Goof Off Day when 
I began to play with favorite lines from this
exquisite new book of poetry..
Take one new book of poems
Read every word
Read it again
Lift some favorite lines
Savor the play of rearranging lines
Fashion a new how-to poem. 

How to Find a Poem!

So here is what to do
Be very quiet 
Listen for the soft music.

Choose a place you like
Step into the trees
Stretch. Float. Fly!
And do not stop.

When winter winds begin to blow
Speak in a voice both clear and deep
Words that soar
Up in the air and down! 

            -Ramona Behnke, 2019
(with lines lifted from
The Proper Way to Meet a Hedgehog
and Other How-To Poems
Selected by Paul B. Janeczko
and illustrated by Richard Jones)

A month ago, I wrote a post to honor Paul B. Janeczko. I promised to award Seeing the Blue Between in a random drawing the following Monday (which I didn't do). Today I let grandson Jack pick the winner.
  And the winner is . . . 
(drumroll, please)
 Mary Lee Hahn!
 Thanks to everyone who stopped by to comment on the post and celebrate the contributions of PBJ, truly one of wondrous lights in  the world of children's poetry.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

SOL 21/31: Come Meander with Me!

5:30 on a Thursday morning. It's not a Jack day (meaning I don't spend the day with grandson Jack). Maybe I'll just look at a few slices and sneak in a quick snooze. From 5:30 to 6:04 I stroll.

Then I open my already created slice for 21/31. This "plantser" is so grateful that I navigated a bit to the "planner" side this year and created my daily drafts before March marched in. No words in these drafts, just the # of my slice inserted in the title spot and the Slice of Life graphic put in place.

But I digress, back to my meandering. When I checked TWT's post last night, there were five posts. I refresh the page.  The count is up to 54. Could I be number 55? No way, I haven't even written yet. But as I write this, I wonder . . . maybe 66? I do love repeating numbers. (Update - I ended up being slicer #84.)

I click on one of the windows I left open and realize that today's slice received its impetus from Terje's post that I read just before bed last night. Funny about our subconscious mind and how it works while we sleep.

I give in to the lure of spring and click on arjeha's post, a lovely slice with photos of ice-custard-happiness! And it's at his blog that I rediscover the bell turned sideways at the right-hand side of Wordpress blogs. Click on it and you'll see all the folks who liked your comments and even better, the comments that some folks leave for you. And that becomes another rabbit hole that I follow for a bit!

Dani Burtsfield's comment on Chaperone on Duty lets me know that she hasn't made it to Seattle yet. I would love to meet up with her while she's here, but something tells me that she has a rather tight schedule.

Paula Bourque (aka Litcoachlady) wants to know if I'll share the padlet I've created. We'll see . . . I'm the master of half-created projects. And I'm not sure that those folks who don't link their names to their posts want me putting their information on a shared padlet.

Back to my open windows (focus, girl, focus!).  I click on The Meager Modern Mom's difficult, but ultimately hopeful post to remember "this too, shall pass" and realize that I still need to leave a comment. 

I read Teacher Dance's two latest book posts, but don't take the time to leave a comment. Sorry, Linda. I absolutely love your springtime pic of daffodils at the top of the blog and the quote! 

I click on my post from yesterday to check for any new comments and see that Colorado Carol (that helps me distinguish her from Carol Varsalona, NY Carol) has left a delightful Ralph Fletcher poem about daffodils in the comments. Thank you, Carol!

I reread Fran's post, What delighted you today? and dash off to create a padlet, Words that Delight. Why do my best ideas come near the end of this month of slicing?

And in answer to Fran's question, what delighted you today? 
I share this pic from yesterday, first camellia bloom of the season!

No more meandering and no time for a quick snooze! I'm off to face the day. A walk with a friend, a massage, a grandma bag that still needs to be packed (yes, I still haven't done that), and some much needed organizing time at my very cluttered desk. Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

SOL 20/31: Spring Salutations!

I can't help myself. Even though spring salutations are ubiquitous today. I must add mine! Usually our earliest salute to spring, the daffodils, arrive in late February. But due to a colder (and snowier than usual February), our daffodils were delayed a bit. I was delighted to notice my first daffodils blooming in a single clump by the side of the road last week. That was followed by daffodils discovered on Sunday's walk with friends. Then I noticed my neighbor's daffodils blooming. Yesterday, our record-breaking warm day ushered in daffodil opening ceremonies at my house. There is no finer color combination than yellow and green!