Friday, November 15, 2019

Poetry Friday: Maple Musings

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And so November comes.
Early darkness.  Shorter days.
Overnight blazing red!
The window calls
Radiant ruby red leaves 
Wonder-struck, I pause.

Leaf littered path
Red leaves decorate foliage
Christmas tiptoes near.
- Ramona Behnke, November 2019


  1. A blaze of red brings good cheer, Ramona. Thank you for this peaceful I am waiting in a deadly line in the store.-keeping calm is key!

  2. All so beautiful, Ramona, but that final one is breath-taking, especially "Christmas tiptoes near."

  3. Such a beautiful story in haiku unfolding outside your window, Ramona. I'm so glad you captured it!

  4. Every word...stunning. What a gorgeous prompt and bit of nature for you to enjoy. You are fortunate!

  5. Your garden looks gorgeous -- no wonder you found inspiration there. I love the color in your poems and photos.

  6. So beautiful! Thanks for sharing your autumn!

  7. Lovely reds and winding poem, thanks Ramona!