Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Slice of Life: Passey Pie Party!

If it's November, then it's time for pie at the Passey home. My daughter and her husband kick off the cozy season of the year by inviting friends and family to join their pie extravaganza. Pie night has become pie afternoon so the youngsters can join in. This year's event included 15 adults, 9 children, 9 pies, a pot of meatballs and a fruit and cheese tray. In case you're wondering our pie menu included orange cream, a Nutela cream, a lemon meringue (my favorite this year!), a pecan, a key lime, a chocolate cream, a peanut butter, an apple cranberry, and a Tollhouse pie! Each pie is cut into sixteen tasting-size slices. Everyone ate to their fill and perhaps a bit beyond. Leftover pie slices were slid into cardboard boxes for travel across town to various homes as tasty treats for the next day.
A successful Passey Pie Party
has to include play!
My favorite pic of the evening when
Judy Moody & Harry Potter joined our party!


  1. What a fun celebration! How many pies did you bake?

    1. I made the Tollhouse and my husband made the apple cranberry. My daughter and her husband made four. And they are the excellent pie bakers in our family!

  2. A pie party! Nine pies! Sounds like a picture book kind of party.

  3. Love the pie experience and this post filled with deliciousness, Ramona.