Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Slice of Life: 3,000 Steps Needed!

I stopped by the library to return two bags of picture books with instructions from Jack to check out some books about cars and trucks. After picking up books on the holds shelf and spending some time in the children's section, I head to the car with (you guessed it) two new bags of books. Glancing at my fitbit and the evening sky, I decide I have time to pick up 3,000 steps in order to reach my 10,000 step goal. You probably think that 3,000 steps shouldn't take long, unless you realize how smitten I am by the splendor of fall. While I have many pics of these same spots over the course of the past decade, today's pics capture a typical gray, misty Seattle evening.

 I begin with this splash of color just outside the library.
 Two and a half blocks away
at Emanuel Episcopal 
is one of my favorite trees.
 I meander the paths around the church.
 I return to the library, one of my favorite places,
for these last three shots.
Lucky me, that I had these gorgeous colors
to fill my soul as I walked!
It’s Slice of Life Tuesday!
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  1. Fabulous fall photos. Collecting steps in such beauty is a splash.