Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Slice of Life: Two Year Olds and Trucks!

It’s Slice of Life Tuesday!
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Last week I mentioned that my grandson Jack asked for truck books on my most recent library trip. Unfortunately some other truck enthusiast must have beat me to the shelf. The closest I could come was Chugga-Chugga-Choo-Choo! Any self-respecting two year old will tell you that a train is not a truck!
After hearing his plea several times, "Grandma, I wanted truck books," we went to the library web site and did a search for truck books. Then we scrolled through the list and he would point to the ones he wanted (which happened to be all of them). 

Unfortunately, none had arrived before his Friday time at our house. So I went to the library on Thursday evening once again in search of truck books. And I'm happy to report that I was successful!
I went to the library last night since more than a few truck books have now arrived on my holds shelf. I'm covered for truck books for the next several weeks.
I bring at least three books in our special book bag each day I watch the boys. And one of Jack's first questions is always, "Grandma, did you bring any books?" And those words are music to my ears!
(I always sneak in at least one book that isn't truck related. I love Henry Cole's Spot & Dot, a new-to-me wordless picture book.)


  1. Just sent my great nephew Everywhere Babies, A Ball for Daisy, and Bear Hug for his birthday. He will have a sibling in a few months... I got the “Babies” and “Hugs” recommendations from one of your posts about your boys and books!

    1. Almost everything I discover is because someone else mentioned it. I'm sure that Spot and Dot was a recommendation from a blogger friend. Glad you have that great nephew and a new sibling coming to keep you enjoying board books!

  2. Yes! I think are covered for a little while! My son loved both trucks and train books. What a fun time!

  3. I love spoiling my grandbabies with new books, or books from my personal school collection. And I love it when my kids say - mom - that book you brought last week is now a favorite bedtime read!
    Trucks are big hits my mine too - I must check out your list more closely.

  4. Slowly but surely some of my prized books are now part of Sierra's collection. I just brought her a Mother Goose hardbound edition and she not only likes to listen to a read aloud but reads it out loud herself when I am done. We are raising lifelong readers, Ramona and we are proud Grandmas. Thanks for sharing Jack's truck book fascination.

  5. Absolutely fabulous. So many truck books. Even when it seemed almost a mission impossible, you found what needed. Happy Reading!