Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Instead of Progress Reports . . .

Today I join my fellow bloggers in "serving up a slice" to the Tuesday Slice of Life sponsored by Stacey and Ruth from Two Writing Teachers. 

I can always find something to read and distract me from the nagging task at hand.  This week it was the Science Times section of the NYT (which incidentally, I read on Friday, even though it comes out on Tuesday).  I'm a solid Language Arts/Social Studies kind of gal, so reading the Science Times section is my version of Science Light!

From page D3:
Study Measures Impact of China's One-Child Policy - We are studying China right now in SS.
Wet Wrinkled Fingers Evolved for Better Grip - Those prunelike wrinkles allow a better grip on wet objects.  Curriculum connection - we study early man in SS.
Giant Squids Ready for Small-Screen Debut - The videos will appear on Jan. 27 on a Discovery Channel Show,  "Monster Squid:  The Giant Is Real."  I must remember to share this with my students.
Equation of Time Solves Mystery of Gray Mornings - This article explains the analemma, that uneven figure 8 on globes in a deserted part of the Pacific.  Does it seem like there's more darkness in the morning and less in the afternoon?  It turns out that earth's orbit and axis cause delayed sunrises even as days lengthen.  No wonder it's still so hard to get up in the morning!
This Was Supposed to Be My Column for New Year's Day - Yes, I saved the best one for last.  This article explains that positive procrastination may all be in the mind, but it can be effective.  It turns out that it works best for those who feel guilt for their procrastination and need to assuage it.  The author mentions that positive procrastination will likely work for you if you're the type of person who cleaned your dorm room before exams.  Not only did I clean the room, I could often be found mopping the floor in my dorm room when I needed to write a paper.   Unfortunately, I told my husband about this once, and so he now refers to any of my positive procrastination behaviors as "mopping the floor."
Hmmm - perhaps reading the Science Times is another version of mopping the floor for me.  Guess it's time to face those progress reports!


  1. What a great label for what I do, too! I read SOME of the NYT (the article about China's one child policy) in my own qust for positive procrastination but did not make it through tht end....learned a lesson here!

  2. Funny, so funny, however, I would have never 'mopped', slept maybe. I love reading the science thing and how you connected each one to your teaching life. XO

  3. Ah, progress reports and grades. I'd take the science section over that most days too!

  4. Ahhh.... yes. Positive Procrastination sounds SOOO much better! I'm guilty of this behavior all the time.

  5. Procrastination? Positive procrastination? That is why I am writing comments instead of test questions. But seriously, last night my version of "mopping the floor" was doing dishes and cleaning the kitchen. Each to her (his) own I guess. Happy readings!

    1. Definitely more productive than reading the paper, but not as much fun!

  6. Whd at a clever post. I liked how you combined the article and your thoughts and plans.

  7. I'm experiencing it right now-need to grade and turn in grades for report cards!
    Love the articles you highlighted-good stuff!

  8. What a laugh-I think I may need to share this with colleagues, and some can share with their middle school aged students. They will love the term "positive procrastination", & I love what that has evolved to, 'mopping the floor'. Maybe we all do it. I sweep, used to be the garage, but now it's my big front porch. I always thought it was restless energy, but perhaps it's like your "mopping the floor" Ramona. What fun!

  9. My dad tried, for years, to get me to read the Science Times on Tuesdays. To this day I will only read the articles that truly interest me. Good for you for diving into it. "Science Light": LOVE that term.