Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Packing my bags!

Today I join my fellow bloggers in "serving up a slice" to the Tuesday Slice of Life sponsored by Stacey and Ruth from Two Writing Teachers. 
After losing our week of mid-winter break for three years, it's restored once again!  I love this break in the bleak of mid-winter.  When I moved to the Northwest, a wise friend advised me to leave town every February and go where there's sun.  
I pondered traveling to exotic locales - Hawaii (I've never been there) or maybe France  (but no invite to join son and his wife on their trip to Paris).  Then I turned to more practical possibilities (places where I could visit family and friends) - Oklahoma, Texas, California, or Tennessee.  However,  I decided that my spring break (which includes Easter weekend this year) will be the perfect time to visit family.  Finally, I decided that a week at home with plenty of time for pajama days, puttering, reading, resting, and relaxing was the perfect plan.  
Tomorrow I'll be packing my bags with papers to grade, books, i-pad, and snacks.  
My destination - jury duty!


  1. I loved the way you took me on a journey of possibilities with the surprise ending. A break is needed in February and this year weather cooperated so most schools in my area had yesterday off, which is a rare occurrence.

  2. I hope the case is interesting, and I hope you have some time to hang out in jammy pants.

  3. Oh Ramona, you made me laugh, but several of us have been in the same boat this year. Our pe teacher was saying how excited she was for basketball season to be done (& she did a great job), & then the day after the last game she had jury duty! I love the way you led us down that garden path & then, no ocean, but "jury duty"! I was even looking forward to seeing where you were going! BTW-where do you live? I'm in Denver & you said Northwest, so can't be too far. Hope all is great with the break-even jury duty!

  4. Oh I have been there with jury duty. Hopefully it will be short. Great story.

  5. This slice had an unexpected ending. I like how you led us to that final sentence. I hope that you get to make all your other great plans come true (including Paris) after this experience.

  6. Update: When I called the jury duty line at 4 p.m. yesterday, they informed me that there were no jury trials scheduled for Feb. 20 and 21. I would not have to appear. I was in the salon waiting for a haircut, but my shout of joy was heard by several patrons!
    I celebrated with a Pajama Day in honor of my release from jury duty!