Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Ready for a new page!

Today I join my fellow bloggers in "serving up a slice" to the Tuesday Slice of Life sponsored by Stacey and Ruth from Two Writing Teachers. 

I'm addicted to calendars.  I need one in every room of my house, just in case I need to look something up.  This month, the calendar in my home office has the ugliest picture I've ever seen for a calendar shot.  I actually have the same calendar at school (it was on sale after New Year's), and when I mentioned not liking the May picture to a student today, she commented that it was barren.
And that's how I feel about my writing life tonight - barren and empty.  Nothing comes to mind and I'm far too tired to search for something worth writing about at this late hour.  I'm looking forward to flipping the page to June in a few days and finding some new ideas for slicing.  Until then, I'll look at this barren landscape and ponder what the artist saw in this photo that made it calendar worthy!  It must be beautiful to someone, but not to me!  However, I do like the blue sky in contrast to the drab browns of the landscape.  And dirt roads always make me think of John Denver and country roads taking me home.  I like the rocks beside the road.  And how about those scrubby trees clinging to life in this barren setting?  I guess this barren picture is not quite so empty after all.


  1. Hi Ramona, this picture may be from Utah or Arizona, barren landscape but we in the west think it's beautiful. When I first moved to Colorado I missed so much green, but now enjoy the desert, or arid landscape too. I think you did have a slice didn't you?

  2. It seems to me you looked closer at the picture and discovered more there than you originally thought. Hmmm. . . isn't that what close reading is supposed to do? This would be a great way to show students how at first glance you miss so much, whether it's with a picture or words. So what a great slice you did end up with today.

  3. Love your change in perspective here. I was just going to suggest you wander to a new room and look for a different calendar to view! :)