Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Blessings Abound!

Today I join my fellow bloggers in "serving up a slice" to the Tuesday Slice of Life sponsored by 
If you read my post last week, then you know about my lipstick in the dryer episode...with all my favorite outfits.  I was up long past my bedtime scrubbing and rubbing with no results in sight, and then unable to find my car keys the next morning.  With my husband out of town with the only spare car key, I phoned my dear friend who rescued me and got me to school on time!
A service offered to another friend led to prayers for me and my lost keys.  On arriving home, I found the keys in the 2nd place I looked with enough time to head back to school and serve pizza to our 6th graders and their families.
Wednesday evening found me too exhausted to attend my monthly book club.
Thursday night found me frantically editing my students' quilt squares.  No, they're not real fabric quilt squares, just paper quilt squares, but I love putting them up each year to introduce my students to our larger school community.
Friday night I was back at the laundry room sink with two new stain removers.  I was victorious.  Even the yellow tee shirt is now lipstick free!
Saturday morning we received a happy call from the east coast - son passed the bar exam!
Sunday found me making his favorite breakfast bars.
Monday I was at the post office before school to send those bars across the US to Virginia.  (Gotta love those self-serve post office kiosks.)
And here I am on Tuesday, smiling and slicing.  Despite the tribulations that began my week, I was richly blessed.  Today I can happily report, "All's well that ends well!"


  1. I'm glad all is well that ends well.

    BTW: My favorite stain remover is Zout. It has saved many a baby and toddler outfit in the past two and a half years!

  2. Hooray for your son..passing the bar is a huge thing! And hooray for our week - busy, blessed, and victorious over the lipstick fiasco!

  3. Oh goodness, I think I am happiest about the outfits. I am also glad you found your keys and I hope this week affords you a little rest from the crazy you experienced!

  4. Congrats to your sweet son....you are just the best mom around sending him a care package after the crazy week. xo

  5. Whew - what a week you had. I love that your take-away from all that was that "Blessings Abound"!

  6. Ramona, you make me smile as I can just imagine you in each and every incident. Oh glorious stain removers! You are the best mom to make those bars and ship them out. I hope the rest of this week will remain calm.

  7. Hooray for the laundry victory! And wow! your son passed the bar!

    What a week you had, glad you counted the blessings!

  8. Don't you love those moments where everything falls into place when you might have lost all hope.

  9. Yikes! What a week! So glad things are coming back together!

  10. I've actually even shared about your plight with lipstick this week, Ramona! So happy it turned out well! And congratulations to your son, a very big thing to pass the bar! Hope the wonderful week continues!