Saturday, December 14, 2013

Celebrating books, parents, music, and treats!

                          So excited to join Saturday Celebrations with Ruth Ayres!
                    It is fun to live my week thinking about what I will celebrate on Saturday!
Discover. Play. Build.

Today's post is a bit delayed because I moved this morning.  Not a big move, but still it took a bit of time.  My son complains that I live in every bedroom in the house.  He's right, so this morning I moved my school stuff out of the guest bedroom in preparation for a holiday visit from him and his wife.  I believe there's a definite psychological benefit to my practice of living in each bedroom - they look a lot less empty when I put some of my stuff in them!

One - I finally started teaching the signposts to my 6th graders.  A group of colleagues read Notice and Note in a book club over the summer.  This week I introduced Contrasts and Contradictions, and the Aha Moment.  I can't wait for book clubs next week to hear my students apply these strategies to the Mock Newbery books they are reading. 

Two - I celebrate all the teachers who have enriched my students' love for books through sharing wonderful books with them.  A mentor text for one of our signpost lessons came from Crash by Jerry Spinelli.  Many of my students fondly remembered this book that was read to them by an elementary school teacher.  

Three - One of my students left his copy of Counting by 7s in the classroom.  Since book clubs meet on Tuesday, I knew he needed the book over the weekend.  I called his house to see if someone wanted to pick it up.  When I met the dad at the front door of the school, he offered to lead the book discussion on Tuesday (freeing me up to rotate among the four groups who'll be meeting that day).  He'll be our first dad to lead a book club.  I love it when my students have male role models for the reading life!

Four - We celebrated with an assembly, the holiday concert, on Friday.  Shortened class periods and the opportunity to listen to our band, choir, and orchestra added a new lilt to the usual Friday excitement.  

Five - Teachers don't get corporate lunches or business dinners.   But this week, notes from students and gifts like this started appearing in my classroom.  I'm a lucky teacher!


  1. Loved that last picture - thy've begun appearing for me, too - and I do enjoy the sight (and taste!) of them.

  2. Little surprises; such a fun way to brighten a day! We had a spirit week fun assembly yesterday. Some of the new students were able to experience fun and games at school the very first time!

  3. Ramona,
    I love little surprises! It's awesome that you have a dad volunteering to lead the book club! What a wonderful opportunity!

  4. First, you took me aback when you said you moved. Spreading things around is not a bad plan, unless you are having guests. :-)
    Next, I can't wait to hear how the signposts are working in your class. Isn't it great that the kids have been read quality literature?
    Finally, yum to the treats for the taste buds and rejoicing the treats for your ears at the school program. It's been a good week (and Jen F. has started a blog!)

  5. I think I would echo Elsie-I thought: "what, moving!" But then I understood. I have lots of bedroom space, but don't know what to do with the boxes that hold Christmas things (formerly full & in the basement). My basement is not easy to access (outside, an outer door), but good for storage, so I don't want to take them all down there empty, only to bring them back in a couple of weeks-so, into the bedroom they go. I understand your spreading the wealth, Ramona! Glad also you had such a lovely week at work-it all sounds very good indeed, down to the final cookie bite!

  6. I laughed when I read the beginning of your post. My boys came home today, and I had to spend time this morning moving out of the family room, which has become my pseudo office this semester! I love that any parents at all, but especially dads, are leading the book club! And those treats look yummy!

  7. I loved your number three. I wish more parents would join our Literature Circles. Lucky you to have a dad join a group. Enjoy your treats.

  8. I absolutely LOVE that the dad WANTED to leave the book club. You have made reading more than a TO DO for that family!

  9. I hope you enjoyed the goodies Ramona! I love making them and also sharing because otherwise guess who would eat them all...