Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Slice of Life: A Walk in the Woods

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Labor Day never felt like a holiday when I was growing up.  Even though we usually started school before Labor Day in Oklahoma, it was always the time that my mom decided that we would "turn over a new leaf" as a family.  Something about the beginning of a new school year always sent her into this fall frenzy.   She usually had some housecleaning/organization project ready and lined up before we could "play."  We would protest that we shouldn't have to work on a holiday, but our protests were in vain.  Fast forward to my years as a young mother . . .  I don't remember any special celebrations on Labor Day, but I did make a special effort to NOT make it a work day.  And then when I returned to teaching, it was always a work day for me - either finishing up final preparation for the beginning of school or reflecting on my plans for a new group of students.

But now that I'm retired, I can celebrate Labor Day in a much more leisurely fashion.  We went on a hike with Ryan, traveling north about 45 minutes from our area to Ryan's neck of the woods.  In our walking trio, I take the rear position.  And then I stop to take pictures which puts me even farther behind.  Every once in awhile, my husband would call out, "Ramona, where are you?"  It was near the end of our hike that I stopped to read a trail map which listed the wildlife in the region.  Bobcats were on the list.   If I had known that earlier, I might not have stopped so often!
Join me for a quick stroll through some of the photos I took yesterday.  

A mushroom plate
Artistic wooden walkway and my hiking companions
Lovely green and beautiful curves
Colorful caterpillar spotted by Ryan
A graceful arch

Pond on the loop trail

A touch of fall and looking up in praise to the Creator of all this beauty


  1. I felt much peace looking at these photos. Love the caterpillar. To be leisurely on Labor Day sounds divine.

  2. Gorgeous photographs, Ramona! So interesting to read about your mother's Labor Day projects...glad that you are finally able to enjoy Labor Day in a restful, at ease way.

  3. I love the photos, and am glad a bobcat didn't stroll your way. It's so beautiful in your forests! The story of your mom & Labor Day sounds like spring cleaning for winter! Glad you enjoyed the weekend without a project!

  4. What a treat to have a walk in the woods with you. Wish I could actually feel that cool fresh air. Ours is still hot and pretty stinky from the flood mud. So nice that you can actually celebrate Labor Day now that you are no longer laboring. Tee hee.

  5. Your photos are beautiful. They show how present you were on your hike. What a delightful way to spend your holiday.

  6. Lush forest -- thanks for taking me there in words and pictures. I could imagine you dawdling behind your fellow hikers, snapping these shots.