Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Slice of Life: Scary Territory (and a belated celebration)!

I'm at the airport, headed to Texas to help my sister move into a new home. Her truck arrived yesterday. She has water and electricity, but no internet! And she hasn't even scheduled it yet. So I asked about Starbucks and the local library. She didn't know where either one was located! Because even though I'm coming to help with the move, I still need to be able to connect. So I hopped online and found that yes, indeed, there is a local library and plenty of Starbucks. Whew! I'm breathing a bit easier. Now if the weather will cooperate, I should be there before too long. I'm willing to help, but don't ask me to do it without the internet.

And now it's on to the matter of my belated celebration! I was amazed last week when I opened blogger to see that I had reached my 1,000th post with last week's slice of life. Back in March during daily slicing, I noticed that this milepost was on the horizon. However, in my recent compulsion to record my photo slices and thoughts about my trip to Italy, I totally lost sight of it.
This morning, I scanned a few slices and noticed that I'm sharing my celebration of 1000 posts with Terje. She's my Estonian blogger friend who loves books and bookstores and pictures of nature and cups of tea as much as I do. An unexpected benefit of joining this community is the connection I feel with so many of you. I hesitate to start naming people because I'm sure I would leave someone out. I'm grateful for those I've met in real life and for those I know only through your words. Thank you for your kind words that encourage my writing and reading life! And now it's on to my gate and getting ready for Texas time!


  1. Congratulations! 1000 is awesome milepost. I can honestly say I know how it feels to see this number. I find it fascinating that we reached 1000 a the same time. Hugs! Cheers!

  2. Confetti for sure! Great accomplishment! I have enjoyed reading so many of them!