Thursday, April 16, 2020

Sharing Our Stories #52Stories 16/52: The Best Part of Every Day . . .

Without a doubt, the best part of every day occurs when I settle in for story time with my grand boys! The practice originated in March when son-in-law was finishing his paternity leave and I was desperately missing my three days a week with the grandsons while daughter works (which I've been doing for almost three years now).  Zoom entered my life with a bang: film club on Friday, a Weight Watchers meeting on Saturday, and a gathering with dear church friends on Sunday! And right after that, I decided that the absolute, best-in-the-world use for this technological marvel would be for story time with my boys.

We usually do it late afternoon/early evening which frees up daughter and husband for dinner prep. I've scoured my bookshelves for books that are age appropriate. Never have I been so grateful for my extensive collection of picture books! But an added benefit has been discovering wisdom that seems particularly apt for this time of sheltering in place. Join me for a peek at some pages together:

The Hello, Goodbye Window by Norton Juster and illustrated by Chris Raschka

Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes Story by Eric Litwin (aka Mr. Eric) and Art by James Dean

The Boy, the Mole, the Fox, and the Horse written and illustrated by Charlie Mackesy
  • I was on the wait list for this book for a loooong time! And now I simply must have my own copy. If I could afford to give a book to every person I know, this would be the book.
  • I wasn't sure that grandson Jack would sit still for this one, but he loved it! I read it to him and his mother at the same time.
  • This endorsement from Miranda Hart on the back cover seems especially prescient: "Simply, the world needs Charlie's work right now."
Because I can't limit myself to the wisdom of a single page, I'm sharing three pages.  

If those three pages made you yearn for the whole story, run to your local, independent bookstore's web page and order this book. (If you don't have a local indie to love and support, feel free to use mine, Island Books. They ship free, anywhere in the US.)

The best part of every day is definitely story time! To savor the magic of story, join the fun by linking your story at Sharing Our Stories.


  1. Oh, what a special way to use zoom! Just perfect to share book together! And I have not heard of the last book, but I am intrigued! Sounds beautiful! Happy reading!! ~michelle

  2. I am sure you miss those boys so much! And aren't you glad you kept all of those picture books. :)

  3. I’m hoping my picture book collection gets to be a “grand” story time someday... coming out of the “Corona baby boom”?? I have to admit the memes make wonder if it might be... my daughter and son-in-law really do want a baby...

  4. Oh story time daily with the boys around dinner time to help - what a gift for everyone and a blessing for you too. These boys are so lucky with your collection of picture books.

  5. Using technology doesn't replace the real experience but is still better than not having the tech opportunities. There is still the face and the voice and you can keep the tradition of grandma reading time.

  6. The Boy, the mole, the fox, and the Horse written and illustrated by Charlie Mackesy is changing me.

    I love thinking about you and the boys during story time. It is a warm and comfortable thought.

  7. What a treat to have a Zoom story time! What a special book! Thank you for sharing.

  8. What a wonderful way to connect with the littles and help mom and dad out at the same time! My grandkids are older now, but technology still lets us connect almost daily.

  9. You have found some gems here for sure! It is interesting how lines speak to us differently when our perspective shifts. It is a precious thing to share stories with little ones--thanks for sharing with us, too!