Tuesday, June 9, 2020

SOL #52Stories 23/52: An Absolutely Joyous Birthday!

My birthday started in the best possible way with the arrival of two grandsons, my daughter, and a box of cookies, compliments of my husband. I'm such a cookie monster that I've often celebrated my birthday with cookies instead of cake, but this year I had both. Our morning celebration was capped off with a gift that arrived early from Blake and Stefi - a Chat book with pics of their family and our newest addition, baby Ruthie.

At 11 am I hopped onto Zoom for a birthday gathering. I had invited family, friends from my school years, friends from my college years, friends I knew in Tulsa, friends I knew in Houston and a few friends from the Seattle area. It was sheer delight for me and fun for my friends to meet friends from different periods in my life. I have a favorite saying, "If you're ever in my life, you're always in my life." Every friend is important to me and I loved seeing some of them at this gathering.

I debated about inviting blogging friends to this Zoom gathering, but decided that the group would quickly become too large. Stay tuned. . . I may have a gathering of bloggers before my birthday month is over! 

The birthday fun continued throughout the day as friends dropped off birthday bags. Cards arrived from near and far. And I nibbled on cookies as much as I wanted throughout the day!

The evening was capped off with birthday greetings from son and family in Utah. My son phones almost every day and I love my FaceTime chats with him, with Teddy (who is almost always in motion), and new granddaughter, Ruthie. 
And Friday, the day after my birthday, was our actual celebration with daughter and her husband and the grand boys. Daughter asked what meal I wanted. I immediately requested son-in-law's homemade pizza. Daughter made the birthday cake, chocolate with chocolate frosting, a Smitten Kitchen recipe. And best of all, grandson Jack helped me blow out the candles.

It's been almost a week, but I'm still glowing in the light of the celebrations. I'm so grateful for friends and family who made it such a special day!


  1. Ramona, I am so glad that you joined in today because I missed seeing you or maybe I missed a post by you. Well it is a fine Happy Birthday party in Seattle. It is wonderful when you celebrate multiple times with the family and friends. Yes, let's have a Zoom blogger party. That would be so much fun. Maybe we can make a tradition of honoring each other's birthdays via Zoom. The children are growing fast and Ruthie looks like Teddy. Of course, that is usually the case. Aurora is looking like Sierra in some pictures and I am so excited to say that I am going to VA next weekend. It is Sierra's 3rd birthday. It was a long road to get this trip off the ground but we are taking all precautions and even got tested for the antibodies (showing that we did not contract COVID-19-thank the Lord). Be well my friend and eat some more cookies and cake.

  2. oh what fun! I love that you connected with friends across time and space! What a great idea! So glad with was a wonderful 65th! Enjoy the month! June is a great birthday month.