Tuesday, April 6, 2021

SOL: Sunday Morning Giggles

,It was Easter morning and we were watching the Sunday morning General Conference broadcast of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Pres. Russell M. Nelson had arranged for the speakers and music for this session of conference to represent our worldwide church. Midway through the morning session, Elder Dallin H. Oaks announced that choirs of women and children from around the world would sing a beloved song from our children's hymnbook, "I Am a Child of God." 

I liked the way the filming began (49:25) by spotlighting the groups as they prepared to sing, some just gathering, a group of women chatting, a group of teenagers laughing as they lined up and prepared to sing, another group fanning themselves, one group giggling, a group of children sitting on church pews. I really liked the little girl in the white dress with pink polka dots (50:08). Her smile and wide open eyes conveyed her excitement and enthusiasm.

However, my favorite group and star performer of the morning was not in the sneak-peek-before-performing collage. It was the largest group, three rows of boys and girls, beautifully attired. And our star performer? A little girl in a yellow dress, 2nd row, 4th from the right. She's not looking at the conductor. No, she's looking down stroking her pigtails (50:35) and watch for it . . . YES!!! Eight seconds into her group's performance, she grabs a pigtail and tucks it under her nose, mustache style! I could not keep from giggling. It was so refreshing to see a child acting just like a child! 

This could so easily have been cut from the final take, but someone with a sense of humor, knew that we would all be amused by a little girl with a pigtail swished under her nose, playfully looking up at the camera. I can't help thinking about her and being grateful that someone saw to it that her antics made the final cut and brought comic relief to our Sunday morning conference session and smiles to me two days later.


  1. This made me smile even without watching the video ... and then I went to that section of the video to see this little one's cuteness for myself. Totally adorable. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I've got to admit. I have a soft spot for kids performing. I mean, they start singing and my heart melts. I could see myself watching the performance - beautiful music, heart melting and eyes tearing up, then wham! The pigtail pull. =)

  3. I love kids' church programs! I think Jesus probably giggled too!

  4. I'm smiling too, Ramona. Have a good week. Hope to see you at Poetry Friday this week.

  5. "... to see a child acting just like a child!" How refreshing in these times of restrictions. Children will be children.