Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Spiritual Journey Thursday: Here

Welcome to this community where we support one another on our spiritual journeys. This month, I'm hosting our gathering and offered the word "here" as the prompt. I look forward to your posts and to the insight you will bring to our gathering this month. 

I have enjoyed searching for appearances of here after I selected the word based on Emily P. Freeman's podcast #188: You Are Here (And It Matters). And here's a quote I shared from the podcast:  

"What if you being all the way here actually mattered, with your cold feet and your stomach ache and the light shining through the window. You with your stack of books, by the bedside table and hopeful feeling inside your heart. You with your deep grief, over a loss you thought you’d be over by now, standing in the kitchen while you microwave your coffee. For now, this is true. So what is true of you? And do you really believe God is with you no matter what? That you are not alone, that you don’t have to be you all by yourself? Here’s to being where you already are. Fully present with all that is true. And then here’s to doing your next right thing in love."

Last week, on a walk in my neighborhood park, I was thrilled to watch a pileated woodpecker winding his way up the tree trunk searching for tasty morsels in the bark. Lucky me, to be here at the same time as this magnificent bird!

Yesterday, I found myself totally here with grandson, Oliver. There's something about an almost three month old that makes it easy to be here, to be present in the moment, to coax him to share his beautiful smiles, to not look away for an instant, (for if I do, he will surely grow up without me noticing and celebrating him along the way).  

I stopped this morning while running errands to savor the colors and the sky and the trees. Even though I've taken pictures of these same trees bedecked in autumn splendor before, I loved pausing to see them here and now, in the glory of today's moment.


One of my "do something" goals for 2021 is more stillness. I'm trying to learn to meditate. It's a process. I love these words I jotted in one of my quote books from blogger, River Brown.


You're here.

You are supported.

Even loved.

Let that in."

         -River Brown

My afternoon walk included time to notice the changing colors in a nearby neighborhood as I listened to another podcast, Kelly Corrigan Wonders, Episode #54, Perfectly Imperfect with Anne Lamott. I highly recommend this episode when you have the time.

At the end of the episode, Kelly asks Anne this question, "Why are we here?" 

And Anne answers that it is "... to carry the word that there is goodness and that there is beauty and that most of all, we're all in this together."

Thank you for showing up here to share your story on Spiritual Journey Thursday. Your words add hope and goodness and beauty to my spiritual journey. We are an open community and welcome anyone who would like to join us. Leave a link to your blog post in the comments.


  1. "Pausing to see in the here and now, in the glory of today's moment": this line about the fiery splendor of those autumn trees strikes me as a vital reminder to do so in all of life. It is an act that invokes awe, reverence, gratitude. "Here is such a compelling focus for a spiritual journey reflection, Ramona: From the quotes about our being here and why to the photos -oh, that smiling, precious, precious Oliver! - to your own small moment of celebration on being here at the same time as the woodpecker, you weave a tapestry of thankfulness and savoring. Thank YOU for the inspiration and for hosting our journey today!

    I am traveling today and it may be Saturday or so before I can comment on additional posts, but I will come back around, Friends. Here is my link and blessings to all:

  2. Thanks for your lovely post! I haven't written anything yet, but it's on my list of things to do today...

  3. Ramona, you've given me a lot to think about today before I write and connect my post this evening. Thank you for sharing so many resources and beautiful images with us today! The fiery-tipped trees and gurgly baby grin gave me pause to be here with you this morning, with a smile.

    1. Upon contemplation, I ended up with more questions than answers:

  4. "Here" is such a wonderful and profound message. Like Ruth, I am still thinking about and working on my post. What a precious Oliver you have! Being a grandmother is such a blessing. I'm happy that you get time to soak up the baby moments. My baby is already 10 months old and will too soon be upright and walking out into the world. Thanks for hosting.

  5. Ramona, I adore this post and your message that comes from experience. Thank you. I'll share my post later today. It's working double duty for today and Poetry Friday. I have invited readers to check in with you if they would like to join in Spiritual Thursday postings.
    I enjoyed this prompt so very much AND the time to ponder it. I love being here with you all, right now.

  6. Ramona,
    Hay a delightful post. I see the joy of your being HERE week - - the woodpecker, your sweet grandson, and those gorgeous trees. Wow. Thank you for this prompt. It's really blessed me this week with peace and calm. Here is my post, a practice in being present

  7. I guess I meant "What a delightful post." I'm getting practice writing on my phone today.

  8. Ramona: Thanks for this challenge to intentionally be "here." Your examples are wonderful... what a beautiful baby boy! And the gorgeous fall leaves. I've appreciated this challenge. Find my post at:

  9. Thanks for sharing the podcast. I wrote a response to it while walking. Thankful for the Notes app. Here's my link:


    Here you go. My post, finally.

  11. OK, I am here with a published post. Off to see what my friends wrote. Thursday night. Selah.

    1. In case anyone needs Linda's link:

  12. Thanks for hosting, Ramona! I just enjoyed reading everyone's posts!

  13. I am here finally, Ramona. After reading your email, I thought about the word here. I let it settle in realizing that perhaps I am doing, participating in a list of to-dos but not really here in the moment. I ask why am I concerned about the tasks of life that mount and concerned about crossing each one off my list? Why not just pause, not race through actions that are meaningful. I am here still pondering how to write my post. It will come in bits and pieces until I am truly present in the here and now. Peace to you and I will let the community know when my post is ready. Thank you for sharing what matters to you and how peaceful the baby's presence and nature's touch are to you.

  14. Ramona,
    I have known about this and I am thinking I would love to join. I know Fran, Carol, Ruth, Margaret plus Linda and Denise and you a bit. I think I would love to participate but I am blogless so could not host, but I have often thought I should have a blog so maybe this might spur me on to try.....hello to all my friends here.
    Janet Clare F.