Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Sharing Our Story & Slice of Life: Sweet Words

I was absolutely positive that they had a new person penning the quotes. I used to love opening a Dove chocolate and reading the quote on the foil wrapper. When I was teaching, I kept my favorite foil quotes on a bulletin board near my desk. When I retired, I put them into a little photo binder.

However, for quite a few years, each time I purchased Dove chocolate and eagerly unwrapped the foil wrapper, the words failed to resonate or touch me or delight me like they used to. And so I quit buying Dove Dark Chocolates since they weren't delivering words that lifted me, only words that disappointed me. The chocolate was still good, but I yearned for the soul satisfying words that left me filled with chocolate and sweet words. 

I remained disconsolate until a couple of weeks ago. I was in Target after Halloween and picked up some florescent M&Ms and a package of Dove Dark Chocolates shaped like pumpkins at rock-bottom, after-Halloween, sale prices!

Here's the first quote from my package of pumpkin Dove Dark Chocolates.

 "It's time for bright leaves, bonfires, and blankets." 

Almost perfect, but I would have to add books to the litany: "It's time for bright leaves, bonfires, blankets, and books." I loved it! Maybe it's because I adore fall that I continued to find quotes I loved on the foil wrappers of my daily Dove Dark Chocolate.

  • Never be too old for jumping in leaves.
  • Chocolate is a fall color.
  • Prefer piles of chocolate or piles of leaves?
  • This isn't a foil. It's a costume.
  • Relax for a "spell."
  • For now, falling leaves. Soon, falling snow.

It's true that I may be re-addicted to Dove Dark Chocolates . . .  all because of after-Halloween, rock-bottom sale prices (and I suspect, a new quote writer). Way to go, Dove!


  1. I too love Dove Chocolates - the dark ones. I often find the quotes do not fit my world - just like the ones on the Snapple bottles!
    It must e time to try again. Perhaps they have a new writing team?

  2. Chocolate with a message. Mhm. I'd like to get a message about books and reading and chocolate love.

  3. I love the little messages inside of Dove chocolates! They are to you what the random facts under the Snapple bottle are to me! :)

  4. yes to adding books to your chocolate message! Enjoy those leaves, bonfires, books and chocolate!

  5. Your post reminded me of a dear friend I lost to cancer. She would tuck a Dove chocolate candy into the pocket of her pants in order to "warm" it up. Sometimes she would forget to eat the chocolate and find a melted mess... Now I need to go buy a bag of Dove chocolates. Thanks so much for this post! :-)

  6. Ramona - that quote - amazing!! It was destined for you! I'd have to save it myself. Makes me want to write a whole volume around that imagery.

  7. These chocolates are favorites, and you have hit the jackpot with the good messages!

  8. I'm so amused that you're convinced they have a different person writing the quotes - and I bet you're probably right! I'm glad you finally found one that resonated. :)

  9. I don't think I've ever had Dove chocolate. I'm trying to think if we have it in Canada. It's so neat that they have quotes on the wrappers! I love the messages you found! I'm crazy about quotes!