Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Sharing Our Stories and Slice of Life: Magical Moments

He arrives at the back door with a special bundle in his arms, excited to be the selected delivery person. He's watched this gift grow from pieces of colorful fabric to squares to quilt size and return to us a few months later beautifully quilted and ready for the binding. Perhaps part of his excitement is knowing that the next quilt slated for creation will be his. Every time I look at this gift from the heart, I marvel at how my daughter was able to do this with three boys five and under. She's the magic behind this gift!

I rarely have the opportunity to read to just one boy, unless it's nap time. And now Ollie is our only boy who naps during the day. If I pick up a book to read, my lap is quickly filled with boys. Grandpa and Ollie's big brothers are at the park. We pull out the basket of books and I choose Little Blue Truck. We enjoy making all the animal sounds and the beep-beep-beep of the little blue truck. Book finished, Ollie crawls over to the foam shapes we built with earlier, selects the truck and carries it to the front of the book to show me that he knows this is a truck too. And he's only nine months old!

This young man is headed for kindergarten in the fall and he loves wordplay and rhyming words. So when I picked up Digger the Dinosuar and the Cake Mistake from our stack of library books, he was thrilled. He has read other books about Digger, but not this one. As soon as we finished reading and laughing, he had just one request, "Read it again!"

These are the kinds of giggles that the book elicited from the boys.

            Here's to finding magical moments in your busy days!


  1. What magical moments! They are as lucky to have you as you are to have them! I loved reading this slice. It made me dream of the day that I might have grandchildren... now, my youngest is only 12, but still... LOL

  2. Hearing giggles is a true testament to the magic of books. It is wonderful that you get to share this magic with your grandsons Beautiful quilt..

  3. I too have loved the Little Blue Truck again and again. That magic of reading to just one is also something I strive to achieve as that special moment when I can! I remind myself daily that grandchildren are the reward for letting our teenagers live!

  4. This is so beautiful! The quilt is lovely ... the beautiful face of your delivery cherub is even lovelier! What a cutie! Such sweet moments you've shared with your grands and with us!

  5. Ramona, the quilt is lovely and I especially love how the little delivery boy brought it in. He is looking so mature. I love the giggles and the little ones that make them. I am so glad to see the magical moments in your life.

  6. All of this is so wonderful! Having grandchildren must be so much fun!