Sunday, August 7, 2022

Spiritual Journey Thursday: Nurturning our Summer Souls

I totally planned to write this post on Thursday. We had a carpet cleaner coming to our old house and I was looking forward to some time to write and think. Well, by the time I made a drop at the thrift store, stopped by the grocery store and returned home, the carpet cleaner was finished and so was my window of quiet. I did take some pics as I walked around our home of 25 years.

We're headed to a vacation house to celebrate our 40th anniversary with our son's and our daughter's families: with six littles six years and under. It promises to be an adventure, filled with fun memories and happy times together. Little did we know when we planned this trip, that we would be moving just three weeks prior to the trip. 

 Come stroll with me around our soon-to-be-sold home:


Daughter brought taco salad and we dined outside last week with these very important guests who now live six minutes away.

We drove to Chimicum this week and discovered a story walk in one of the parks. When you walk back, there's a second story on the reverse side. I can't wait to read and experience it with the grands this week.

One of my favorite summertime activities is reading outside. An article in last week's NYT book review spotlighted summer readers around the country, including a ferry rider in Seattle.

My summer reading's been sparse this year, but I finished and enjoyed this memoir for my online book club.
I picked this delightful children's book up from the library holds shelf this week.

And I started this one while sitting in the cell phone lot
waiting for the arrival of our son and his family.
Doesn't everyone love to read a Christmas story in August?
Here's hoping you find moments to treasure and nurture your summer soul 
in the middle of your busy summer!


  1. Happy Anniversary! What is the date? On August 7th, my husband and I celebrated 40 years. All of our grands came to a reception after church and someone brought balloon toys. I'm happy that you are moving closer to your babies. But moving is hard work! I don't envy that part of your journey. I'm glad you found a space of time to write.

  2. Happy Anniversary, Ramona. Seems like August is a month of celebrations. I love the title "Slow Down". This is something so many of us need to do. Moving is always exciting, and a little bit scary. Good luck with everything.

  3. Ramona, there must be an internet bug in my house that eats my comments because I know I wrote one and it vanished. Anyways, Happy Anniversary and best of luck on the new move. It is always so much fun to see your outdoor photos and especially the ones with the grands. I am glad that you found so many ways to nurture your soul.

  4. Happy Anniversary! Enjoy a wonderful family time with all those littles!
    Diane Anderson