Thursday, September 7, 2023

Spiritual Journey Thursday: Grace Abides

Patricia Franz  is hosting this month's Spiritual Journey Thursday 
 with her post, Life at the Speed of Grace. Feel free to join us
 in responding to Patricia's invitation.

I was touched by Patricia's post that spoke of Grace as her shorthand for God. She shared these encouraging words and spoke of "learning to live life at the speed of Grace, letting God catch me surprise me, love me, right where I am."

In a world that is filled with frenzy and frenetic action, we can sense grace (God) by slowing down. I literally felt the slowing down, the surrender to peace in Patricia's poem "Receiving Grace."  Her final words, "grace abides" remind me of a favorite poem, "Everyday Grace" by Stella Nesanovich,

 "It can happen . . . 

anywhere we share stories,

and grace flows between us."

These lines make me think of our everyday actions and contemplate how we can be conduits for grace in the world.

"Suddenly an ordinary day

becomes holy ground."

You can read  "Everyday Grace." at The Poetry Foundation.

I can sum up my thoughts with these three lines borrowed from the two poems:

Grace abides

Grace flows

The ordinary becomes holy.

Thank you, Patricia, for this peek at surrendering and letting go so that Grace can find us.


  1. Ramona, just as we receive grace so too can we give grace. Slowing down is something we all need to do. When we surrender ro grace our lives change God the better.

  2. Ramona, I think I fell asleep while writing a comment so here I am again. The poem you shared and Patricia's words allowed you a launching pad for your own carefully chosen words. I like the thought of being a conduit for grace in the world. It allows kindness and support as assistants on the journey. Your ending thought is a wonderful summary and hope for next stops where we can surrender to the grace that flows through in a mindful way. Peace to you.

  3. Oh, Ramona, yes! The ordinary becomes holy. I think that may be God's always-message to us: See what loveliness there is all around. It is sacred. Imagine what our world could be if we treated every space, every face as holy ground. Thank you for your reflection.

  4. An ordinary day becomes holy ground... amen and amen! Thank you!

  5. Ramona, thank you for sharing the "Everyday Grace." I too love the phrases that you have taken to summarize the poem, especially "grace abides."

  6. Amen. And, amen. I was just typing on Karen's blog that the truth is, I don't want to slow down. But, I miss grace...I miss God when I do not allow for that. Today, Sunday, it's a bit rainy and dark and I will slow down so that grace can abide with me. Beautiful post, Ramona. Thank you.

  7. Ramona, how I love this reflection: [Through grace] the ordinary becomes holy. All around us is the seemingly ordinary, when in reality, we just don't see the extraordinariness of it all - the grass, the mushrooms, trees, birds-!! - we are surrounded by hidden networks of communication, community, and communion. Creation doesn't forget its Creator. There's so much healing in that, despite the brokenness of things. And we long for it, peace that "passes understanding" and which comes only from holy God. Your borrowings and reflection speak to this beautiful truth.

  8. I love "The ordinary becomes holy." I think that is the heart of the meaning of grace.