Tuesday, May 22, 2012

You gladden my heart!

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 The title for this post is adapted from a line in the movie our film club watched this past week.  Lagaan is a 2001 Bollywood sports movie.  At almost four hours long, I found myself watching it in segments during the week in order to finish it before Friday night's film club at our home.  I agree with the reviewer who said that this movie "puts a cheer on your face".  Another reviewer called it "a triumph of the ordinary" which caused me to reflect on our work, our own triumph of the ordinary that occurs at this time of the school year.

Today's post calls me to recognize and celebrate the ordinary moments that gladdened my heart this past week in Room 104:
  • Literature circles! I love watching my students come together in small groups to discuss their books.    
  • An engaging introduction written by a young man for his compare/contrast paper.  I loved what this young man created with just the teeniest bit of nudging!
  • Exemplary notecards created by another young man and selected for use by a fellow teacher as examples for her students!
  • A shy young lady who has blossomed this year as a student through her own steady, continued effort!
  • An author visit this afternoon with Katherine Schlick Noe and my after school book club. Members of our club read her book Something to Hold.  We sat spellbound for sixty extraordinary moments as Katherine shared her writer's journey and encouraged us in our own writing journeys!

What triumphs of the ordinary gladdened your heart this week?


  1. You are right to look for those little things that 'gladden the heart'. There are so many if we only stop to look. I like that you did this for us as a reminder.

  2. Your post gladdens my heart. Reading about the happenings in your class is a joy. What a wonderful model your students have in you!

  3. Great moments to celebrate