Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Party time!

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My first few days out of school were filled with my son's wedding, luncheon, and reception in Utah.
Then we flew home to throw together a fun open house at our home.  Many hands do make light work!  Friends made fruit salads, chopped veggies, polished silver, and loaned beautiful serving pieces.  My niece, Kara, and I had one frantic day shopping for tablecloths, baskets, navy napkins, white serving dishes, and food items.  I made the first cake (my son had requested his favorite chocolate sheet cake).  The next day family and friends arrived amid torrential downpours - - yes, it rains often in Seattle, but gentle rain, not downpours.  I made the second cake.  And the day of the open house, I made the third cake.
While the day of the open house was cloudy and dreary, our home was filled with food, flowers, fun, family, and friends!  Sunday morning, the bride and groom headed to Hawaii for their honeymoon.  Two of my right-hand helpers (daughter and son-in-law) headed home to Portland.  Kara (my niece from Oklahoma and a fellow teacher) stayed behind for this week's party.
A sorting, purging, and filing party is occurring this week in room 104.  Our goal for the week is to get many stacks and boxes of papers sorted and filed.  In order to accomplish this, we have to do some purging because all my available file drawers are filled to capacity.  
It was hard to head to school yesterday since I've had no time to catch my breath since school was out. However, at the end of the day, we had made considerable headway with my immediate desk area and three file drawers.  Today, we're off for day 2 of our sorting, purging and filing party!   


  1. I love that you're thinking of it like a party! You guys should take some of the flowers down to enjoy and put on some energizing music! :)

  2. You've been so busy! Soon I hope you will be able to sit back and relax. Purging can be painful, but yet cleansing. Love the party atmosphere you've created!

    1. Elsie, my niece put these questions on the whiteboard today (provided by a friend who is a professional organizer):

      Am I genuinely excited about using this material in the next year?
      Can I access this information elsewhere or online?
      Will I actually use this?

      I found them helpful with the rather painful process of releasing items to the recycle bin! We take the day off tomorrow (sunshine predicted for Seattle) and hope to finish on Thursday.

    2. ooh - I like those questions.I still have to go through all my files and books this summer as I transition back into the classroom after coaching the past few years. I'm going to write those questions down to help me!

      Wishing you some downtime very soon!

  3. From one party to the next! Thank you for sharing that joyous photograph!!

  4. I'm exhausted just reading this. Hopefully you finish the latest party soon and get to breathe.:-)

  5. Wow-you have been so busy. I hope you had a wonderful family time before returning to the classroom. Thanks for sharing the picture!

  6. I've been sorting and tossing. It is so hard for me to toss. But I have so much and new teacher need some of my stuff.

  7. Weddings are fun but exhausting. I can't believe you had any energy left. Happy energy, it seems. I have so many chores I keep putting off. The summer days are ticking away. Thanks for sharing.