Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Back in the Saddle

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This yellow button is my favorite for Slice of Life postings.  I chose it today in hopes of reviving my lagging energy.  I just arrived home from a long day at school.  I put up my first bulletin board filled with Top 10 Favorite Books of sixth grade from my last year's students, continued organizing my classroom, made new headers for the homework board, met several of our new teachers, and worked on restoring things on my computer (they did something that required us to save everything and it's always a challenge to get everything back like it used to be).  

This was a non contract day for teachers, but one that I never miss -  Fee, Schedule and Photo Day.  After our students and their parents take care of business, they head to the main building to try out their locker combinations and walk through their schedule.  I love to meet my students and their parents.   Many of them are anxious about starting middle school, but I believe that seeing the classroom and meeting me helps them to calm down before the first day of school.   

This afternoon, some of the seventh and eighth graders stopped by to say hello.   I love seeing them and hearing about their summer.   Most of them arrive with a friend, a signal of their growing independence.  It's interesting to see how much they've grown over the summer and share the books we've read.  I put my summer reads on the whiteboard tray.   I think I'll leave them there for the first week of school.  

I can't believe how tired I am today!  It always takes some adjusting after the carefree days of summer.  I have two more non contract days to work in my classroom before we begin the round of required meetings that officially kick off the school year.  I'm looking forward to a productive day tomorrow!  And I'm inspired by the words from a kindergartener shared on Nanc's blog:  "I know it’s hard; try to be brave!"


  1. I like that you used your previous class to create a bulletin board. I always did that (though mine was a "words of wisdom" bb) and I think the kids really appreciated it.
    Happy back to school time!

  2. It does take a bit to get the energy back. When the kids show up, the energy will be renewed. Love your bulletin board idea!

  3. Love so many of the books in that picture!

  4. You read great books this summer; the kids will love seeing them & hearing about them! Our students come tomorrow. Everyone is tired, still at school doing late things. But once we begin, it will be better, really more energy comes with the students I think. We're also all tired of waiting. Best wishes for a good prep & start to the year!

  5. Your title is so appropriate. Such an accurate comparison. I hope the yellow button renewed your energy, and that you have another good day getting ready. I would love to see the book list you have on your bulletin board from last years students.

    1. Each student did his or her own Top 10 list. So the board is filled with 60 lists. Maybe this year we'll compile the lists and figure out the Top 10 or maybe 25 for each block.