Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tuesday Tumblings

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It's been a busy week.  We celebrated my father's 100th birthday (he died 31 years ago) on Friday with a virtual family reunion on Facebook and a challenge posted by a grandson to collect 100 memories in honor of my dad's birthday.  We made it!  I often think of how excited my father would be in the changes that have occurred in our world during the past 31 years!

I had wanted to host a real family reunion to honor of this special birthday, but my son's wedding in June and a great niece's wedding this week took travel priority for our family members who are scattered from the West coast (CA, OR, WA, NV) to the middle of the country (OK, TX, TN) to the East coast (DC, FL) with a grandson in Afghanistan.   I like to think that my dad was able to peek in on our virtual reunion.

Saturday I updated friends with this post on Facebook.
Photo: Anniversary Hike - We hiked five miles in two hours.  Each mile represents six years of marriage.  You do the math!

I spent a few hours in my classroom yesterday with the requisite stop by the teacher supply store last night.  We start school in two weeks, but first I'm off to UT for my great niece's wedding and a weekend rendezvous with my daughter in Portland.  Then next week I must get serious about school.  Our first required teacher day is next Thursday, but I have much to do before we start with that whirlwind of required meetings.

Finally, I must share a link I discovered today.  While surfing the net (a favorite summer activity) and procrastinating cleaning the house, I stumbled across the Powerful Learning website.   

I downloaded their Free Twitter Handbook for teachers from the sidebar on the right.  I saved it to my Dropbox and I'm hoping that by next week I'll be Twitter savvy.  I have an account which my kids helped me set up, but so far understanding Twitter has eluded me.  I'll let you know next week if their handbook does the trick for this old dog who wants to learn new tricks!  

When I opened Facebook today, I saw that I'm slated to be changed to the dreaded timeline format.  And so the changes continue!


  1. Ramona,
    I love the facebook 100 things that your family did for your dad's memory. That is really special! What a clever idea someone had. Regarding Twitter - my best advice is to get on and play. It makes more sense the more you try it out. I hated Timeline at first on FB but after about two months or so on it, it's grown on me. I now see the other pages and they look funny to me. It will be ok. ;) Enjoy your vacation and your return to school!

  2. You have been and continue to be one busy lady! Thanks for the link to the site and I will be looking at the Twitter handbook too. I have not yet figured it out, so I hope you can create a tutorial for me. Did you read Diana's slice today? It is Twitter related.

  3. I love that you created a virtual birthday...he sounds like such an amazing father...you were blessed. Thanks for the new web page...I love new great sites to explore xo nanc

  4. What a great idea...a virtual birthday. I may have to "steal" that idea with my family far and wide. We've set up a Facebook page to connect, but I think they would like the idea of the birthday party.

    Enjoy your last days of summer!

  5. I am connecting with your remarks about joining twitter... I was skeptical about it, but now that I have, I am very glad I did-I am mostly following in a professional mode of tweets. I also want my class tweeting about our daily learning that takes place...will have a sep. acct. for that.

  6. I am this,too..."an old dog who wants to learn new tricks". ;) The virtual party for your Dad was creative and heart warming. My twitter account remains largely unused but there are some inspiring educators I follow. It is a great source of professional development. Happy learning and family wedding visiting.

  7. You are so very fortunate to have a dad that everyone cared so much about, especially you. I am a retired teacher but still am hooked up to being a teacher at heart--once a teacher, always a teacher. That could be a post!! I know what you mean about wanting to keep up with technology. My big goal is to get a Smart phone. Good luck with Twitter. Happy Birthday to your wonderful dad!

  8. I love the 100 memories idea! Such a wonderful way to remember someone special! I'm just starting on Twitter too so I know how you feel! :-)