Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Kiss Summer Goodbye

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Personally, I "kiss summer goodbye" when school starts each year.   Traditionally, I have my students write a letter to summer to mark the passing of the season.  This year, we've had an exceptionally prolonged summer in Seattle.  It's the first time in the fifteen years that we've lived here that "back to school" has not been accompanied by the beginning of our rainy season.  I must admit our prolonged Indian summer has made it a little hard to buckle down!  Sunshine in Seattle means "get out there and grab some rays" (for tomorrow it may rain).
Here's my letter to summer that I'll share with my students on Thursday.  Next week, we'll have a writing prompt that urges us to "embrace festive fall!"  I've struggled to come up with a title that is as catchy as "kiss summer goodbye."  Let me know if you have ideas for a catchy title for our fall writing prompt.

Dear Summer,
Saying goodbye to you is a sad time for me each year.  Your arrival marks the beginning of freedom from school.  Suddenly, I have time to enjoy a leisurely lunch on the deck while reading a book.  No longer do I face piles of papers that cry out to be graded and countless meetings to attend.  Instead, my "to do list" becomes the books I want to read, the fruits of summer I want to enjoy, and the walks I want to share with good friends.
Nothing compares to the joy of discovering your first dark purple, juicy blackberry on a sunny walk to Ellis Pond.  I take a moment to sit on the rough, gray, weathered bench to watch a mother duck and her three downy ducklings gracefully glide through the glassy, still water.  Their movement ripples the water slightly, and I feel peaceful.  Visits to the pond during other seasons have their own beauty, but none are as peaceful as the moments when I pause there with you.
Goodbye, summer!  I'll meet you at the bench in nine months!
Your adoring fan,
The moon rises over Lake Washington on a summer walk!


  1. Oh, my sentiments exactly. I wrote a post about summer leaving. I can feel it the beginning of August here in Indiana. I'm a retired teacher now, but still mourn the passing of summer. I like the idea of having students write about summer, too. Yes, embrace the fall, cozy up in the winter, but plan for that next spring and summer daily!

  2. What a great way to let go of summer! It's a good reflection piece for the kids to think how their life is different and what they must attend to now. Sorry, I can't think of a catchy title for fall. :-(

  3. It has been gorgeous here in the NW, I'm not ready to kiss any of it good bye!