Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Powerful Words

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I just finished One for the Murphys by Linda Mullaly Hunt.  It's full of golden lines, but the ones I'm sharing today are particularly applicable for the start of the school year.  I liked the book so well that I may have to talk more about it in a future post.   
". . . But when Mrs. Murphy tells me I'm smart, I am.  When she tells me I'm funny, I am.  When she tells me how thoughtful I am, I become that way.  I swear, if she told me I was a duck, I'd be checking in my high tops for webbed feet."  
Never forget that our words powerfully impact our students every day.  So as I'm off to a four day week of school, I want to remind myself that my words help to build community and build individuals.  Every year I name my group of students.  
This year's group - The Fantastics!  


  1. Do you tell the kids your name for them? How fabulous to live up to the name Fantastics! Word choice is so important, thanks for the reminder.

    1. Elsie, I do tell my students the name I choose for them. And I use it often, especially when guests visit our classroom. They always live up to the name!

  2. Thank so much for this. :-) Because of a teacher's words, I went from non-reader to a reader to a writer to an author. (with ten years of being a 3rd/6th grade teacher myself in there. :-)

    Indeed. Teachers have great power.

    Thanks, again. Wishing you a fantastic year!

    1. What a surprise to open my blog and see your comment! I can't wait to tell my students tomorrow that the author posted on my blog. How did you find my comment? Do you follow the Tuesday posts on Two Writing Teachers? Thanks again for your kind words!