Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Library Love!

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Today I'm thankful for libraries.  I love that this incredible resource is available to everyone.  I think back on my own library history beginning with our public library in McAlester.  I loved walking up its staircase.  It somehow prepared you for the knowledge that you would find once you entered its double doors.  It had high ceilings and the children's section was off to the right.  I can recall the exact shelves where some of my favorite series were shelved - Bobbsey Twins and Nancy Drew.  I remember summer reading programs - especially the year when each book you read was represented by a brick on a picture of a library.  My friend Dortha and I walked to the library almost daily during the summer.  It was with great sadness that I said goodbye to this magnificent brick edifice when our home town decided to build a new library.  

The new library was modern and close to the high school, but lacked much of the architectural charm of our old library.   Significant libraries in my children's lives were the Looscan branch of the Houston library system and the West University branch of the Harris County system.  When we moved to the Northwest, I was delighted to find our local library was open until 9 in the evening Monday through Thursday.  I love the King County library system.  I visit our branch several times a week since it's on my way home from school.  I often have books on hold to pick up for my classroom.  The bunny sculpture out front with a boy reading a book is a favorite of children.  I love the beautiful blossoms that greet us in the circle drive when spring arrives each year.   More than the physical facility I love the people that work in the libraries.  It's such fun to share favorite books with the librarians and get their recommendations.  I like to invite the librarians into my classroom so my students will recognize familiar faces when they go to the library.    

I'm so grateful for this resource that is available to everyone in our community.  I can't imagine my life without the blessing of a public library!  Take the time this week to thank a librarian for the services they provide for us!  


  1. As a child I thought the library was the best place in the world, and I still think that today. Thanks for the journey of your libraries in your life. They are amazing!

    1. I totally agree with you! Going to the library is better than going to a candy store -it's free and calorie free!

  2. A beautiful piece on libraries! I'm so thankful for mine!