Tuesday, November 19, 2013

7 Questions for Tuesday Night!

Today I join my fellow bloggers in "serving up a slice" 
to the Tuesday Slice of Life sponsored by  Two Writing Teachers.

A meandering slice of random thoughts . . . stick with me for the book recommendation!

1.  Are authors contributing to a generation without a proper understanding of capital letters when  they refuse to use capitals in the titles of their books?  Am I clinging to an old fashioned notion by still insisting that first words, last words, and all other important words in the title are capitalized on reading logs?

2.  How do people keep up with the flood of email?  Our new email system continues to baffle me, emails elude me by hiding in unusual places, and emails started (but not finished) slink away to the draft folder instead of staying in my current mailbox.

3.  Wasn't life simpler for middle schoolers and their parents without teacher updates, assignments posted on Schoology, and grades entered on Skyward?

4.  Since I didn't reach my goal of exercising five times this week, do I just give up and try again next  week?  Or do I celebrate each day that I exercise knowing that some is always better than none?

5.  How can one book be filled with so many memorable lines?  From the optimism here "Never let someone tell you that you can't do it," to the bleakness here, "All reality, I decide, is a blender where hopes and dreams are mixed with fear and despair," to the wisdom here, "Every person has lots of ingredients to make them into what is always a one-of-a-kind creation."

6.  How can one book break my heart, celebrate life, create quirky characters I'll never forget, and stay with me long after I've turned the last page?

7.  How can I resist purchasing my own copy of this book so I can mark it to my heart's content?  My advice, treat yourself to a wonderful reading experience and pick up a copy of counting by 7s by Holly Goldberg Sloan!  (It was hard, but I typed that title with no caps.  Just don't tell my students!)


  1. Everyday of exercise is worth celebrating! I can't wait to read counting by 7's now. Callum was not impressed and he only gave it a 5. Maybe it was too girly?

  2. I've requested that book from the library, but there are several before me. So many questions to ponder, but no clear answers for many. Of course all exercise must be celebrated!

  3. Whoops.. I just wrote a nice response and then pressed the wrong button. I HATE that! But I did love your questions. Good thing that I stopped teaching just before I had to have everything available online for kids, more for parents. I know it's a good thing but a pain...
    As for exercise and diet... I'm always fighting those two battles. I think it's worth it in the end. Sometimes I win.
    So I'll miss seeing you at the Slicer breakfast on Saturday. :(

    1. Please share your pics. And have a fabulous time! Maybe next year in DC!

  4. Ramona, I just reviewed it too! What a treasure of a book! I got it from the school library & now want my own copy, too! I know I'll re-read! Your 'quirky' review fits the book beautifully. As for the other ?s! Go for the exercise whenever you can do it. E-mails are a challenge, I keep at it, but it's uphill always! Will miss you this week-at the All-Write?

  5. I agree with Jodi, every day you exercise is a good one! Love the unique way you organized this post. Counting by 7s has quickly moved to the top of my TBR list, but it will have to wait until next week!

  6. I agree on the exercise thing - celebrate! I'm a current teacher, and I do think that all the extra parent communication is also partly fostering dependence. Students know that if they forget something they can just look it up online, or ask their parents to email the teacher (who responds at all hours of the night).

    With that said, I know *I* appreciate having access to things quickly and easily...

    And capitalization rules? They will always be important. I refuse to give that up!