Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Currently I'm . . .

Today I join my fellow bloggers in "serving up a slice" 
to the Tuesday Slice of Life sponsored by  Two Writing Teachers.
Thanking:  the workmen who arrived Sunday evening to restore our power 
Needing: a grading machine (I tell my students I am not one, but wouldn't it be grand to have one?)
Anticipating:  my guest post (last week's November nightmare) on Kirby Larson's blog
Hoping:  I find time for something besides grading on our upcoming three day weekend
Reading:  The Boy on the Porch
Wishing:  for more time to read blogs and hang out on Twitter
Striving:  to help my students understand theme
Joining:  the Health Challenge (with my own little mountain climber) sponsored by our social committee
Loving:  newtreemom's poem "Blaze of Glory" - I intentionally saved it for Poetry Friday on November 1 to kick off our month of gratitude in our WRN (writer's reader's notebook). Her final phrase is perfect for this time of year:  

"Autumn is arriving, filling my senses,
preparing my soul
for gathering together
for thanks-giving"


  1. I'm so glad you have power again. I saw the storm coverage on the news and knew you were in the midst of it. I know what it's like being without power for a week, but my time also included below freezing temps (and we don't have a generator). Loved your post on Kirby Larson's blog! How cool was that?!

  2. I knew the guest post would NOT be a nightmare. I enjoyed reading it, hearing about the whole process, and seeing the student work samples. Thanks for including my poem here. I love autumn. It certainly offers a lot of inspiration for writing, with so much beauty all around. This afternoon, I drove past a huge tree with brown leaves. It was gorgeous! Brown! Who would think of that as beautiful? Guess you just have to see it to believe it.

  3. Happy to hear you're back in the swing of power, Ramona, and you have so many good things going on. Lovely to hear. I hope you'll let us know about your post!

  4. Busy, busy, busy - and all good things! Glad that the power was restored.

  5. Love this idea for a post! It is in my notebook for March! Thanks.

    Loved reading about your Mock Newbery. Mine has gotten off to a slow start, but I think it is because it is mostly boys. The main characters of these books are girls and that has turned them off. Have you encountered any of this?

  6. Blessing: Your post to my weary soul.

    It's a powerful structure you have here, Ramona. I might have to try it.