Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A Dinner Party Observed!

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I swing by on my way to the grocery store.  Too early, no sunset yet.  Dusk comes late this time of year in the Pacific Northwest.  Oh well, maybe I won't take any more pictures this month.  I stop at the grocery store, pick up a few items, and return home.

Less than fifteen minutes later, I notice the sun has disappeared, and the evening sky is an interesting shade of blue.  I hop back in the car and wind my way north.  When I pull into the small parking lot and notice another car, I think, "Oh darn, someone else is here."  I like savoring my time here as a solitary visitor.   As I peek over the sidewalk and begin walking toward the water, I catch a glimpse of fluff.  Looks like someone is here with a dog, hopefully a friendly one!  

As I continue  the short walk to the waterfront, I see several downy heads . . . four, to be exact, watched over by two large parental units.   I keep my distance knowing that they can be rather protective with their young ones.  It seems to be feeding time, but I wonder what they're consuming!  I continue to snap pictures from different vantage points, trying not to be too noticeable or annoying to the protectors of these young lives.  Eventually, I realize that this dinner party includes 12 attendees with an additional six family members joining the young ones and their parents for the evening repast.  They seem undeterred by planes, boats, and passing skiers.  Suddenly everyone, as if heeding a silent signal, heads for the water.  I follow them and continue snapping pictures.  That's when I notice a young couple seated on a bench near the water.  We visit a bit, share pictures, and relish the time we had observing this picnic on the beach.   


  1. Stunning pictures, Ramona - the water's reflection of the setting sun is just so beautiful. So glad that you paused after all to take it all in. We need time for just this over the summer months, right?!

  2. I agree with Tara, the pictures are stunning. But I love even more the surprise of a "dinner party." Totally not what I expected and totally wonderful. Are you go every day? How did you find out about this family? Love this!

  3. Good job! Heading to the grocery, dinner party title, talking about the dog distracts a little more... then the unexpected twist! Fun!

  4. Lovely pictures. You were able to catch such a cute moment on film.

  5. How masterfully you drew me in. As I started to read I reflected that I have never hosted a dinner party of 12 and wondered what you were celebrating. Then I was pleasantly surprised that it was a celebration of another kind. I am glad you stopped and shared with us.