Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Hello, Goodbye, Hello!

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If you live far away from family like we do, then you understand the excitement of this past week when we made three trips to the airport to greet my sister-in-law and her husband, my daughter, and my son-in-law (actually daughter made this trip alone).  We enjoyed a delightful few days together!  On Saturday sister-in-law and husband departed on an Alaskan cruise, on Monday son-in-law left for UT and his summer internship, and on Tuesday morning I dropped my daughter at the airport for her return trip to NY.

Consolation prizes for these three goodbyes are three upcoming hellos:  

Sunday evening I walked by the pocket park to show my friend Jan the location of last week's dinner party.  The young couple that I met the previous week was there.  They live near the park, but told me that they have not seen any geese and goslings stopping by for dinner in the past week.  I reminded them of our Island Celebration this upcoming weekend. Maybe I'll see them there.    

Our mother-daughter goodbye at the airport this morning was eased by the knowledge that I'll be seeing her in two weeks and two days.  I'm making this visit to help speed the slow summer that she is spending separated from her husband while he completes an internship.    It's a measure of my love for her that I am leaving the bliss of summer in the Pacific NW to partake of her NY summer humidity.  I'm sure I'll be heading for the library while she's at work.

On Saturday, I might be saying hello to two new friends (and their parents).  My daughter's friends from Ithaca recently relocated to the Seattle area, and we met them and their delightful daughters on Sunday afternoon.  I'm hoping they'll join us for our Island Celebration parade on Saturday.  I love a parade, but it's even more fun when it's shared with young friends!
These two darlings (enjoying a book with my
son-in-law) are the perfect age for a parade!


  1. I do understand your excitement when family visits! What an action packed time you've had! Enjoy the celebration this weekend and enjoy the time you will have with your daughter, even if it is in heat and humidity.

  2. So much going on, Ramona! And each one is special in its own way - lucky, lucky you.

  3. I love that you looked for positives in a sad situation, we just have to get on with it don't we? I have my daughter with me too at the moment and I cherish every moment and don't wont to say goodbye in 11 days time.

  4. The ebb and flow of greetings and goodbyes. You have a rich, full life.

  5. Sounds like you have lots and lots going on. Glad there are some hellos to ease the goodbyes. And I totally agree with you- parades are waaaay more fun with kids.