Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Goodbye Kitchen!

Today I join my fellow bloggers in "serving up a slice" 
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The past few weeks flew by
They always do when you have much to do
Suddenly, it's day one of a long awaited project...
Goodbye dishwasher
Goodbye sink
Goodbye disposal
Goodbye stovetop
Goodbye refrigerator
Goodbye tile (I won't miss your grout)
Goodbye ovens (you've served me well)
Hello drawers and cabinet doors in the living room
Hello dining room filled with boxes and dishes
Hello makeshift kitchen in the laundry room
Hello microwave, toaster oven, and dish drainer
Hello refrigerator in the garage
Goodbye sanity, hello new kitchen to come!


  1. Too bad you're not teaching any more. This would be a great model for your 6th graders. Good luck with the renovations.

  2. Woo Hoo! It will be a rough few weeks (ok maybe months!) but just think what you have waiting for you! Good luck!

  3. I've been there, not easy, but oh so fun when you can say "hello new kitchen!". Fun way to tell us, Ramona!

  4. At least you realize your sanity will be gone for a while. I hope it isn't too long. I am sure you have dreamed about the final product and I hope it lives up to your expectations. In the meantime, hang in there!

  5. Yea! Favorite recipe from this time in my life was a big pot of chicken broth, a bag of spinach and a package of tortellini… and a hot plate. Soup!

  6. Goodbye and hello! It's quite a process but just wait ... for that moment when you can say, "Hello kitchen! Let's get cooking!"

  7. How great to have a new kitchen! However, living through construction, ugh! The results will be worth the inconvenience. I think eating out is a better option than cooking in the laundry room.

  8. Hi, I just had my bathroom remodeled. I can relate. Here is the link to this remodel post if you are interested. :)

  9. Thanks for sharing us but so funny when you can say "hello new kitchen!". Fun way to tell us,hard anodized cookware set i love it.

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  11. What a funny kitchen poem but it sounds somehow nice :)

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