Thursday, February 26, 2015

Spiritual Journey Thursday - STRETCH

The bloggers at Spiritual Journey Thursday are writing about the spiritual focus of our community's One Little Words.  This week, we are writing about my
One Little Word, STRETCH.  I can't wait to read the posts this week!

"One small step at a time in the right direction will get us where we want to be."

"Little by little, one travels far."
- Tolkien

Stretch is an anti-resolution response.  I've spent years setting the same resolutions, but several years ago I decided to no longer play the resolution game.  I love this quote that came from a thought-a-day calendar several years ago.  "The courage that counts is the courage of the every day.  Most of life is putting one foot in front of the other.  Big leaps have received too much press."  
To this quote that I've loved for years, I add today's inspiration: 
Small stretches are where true growth is found.  

In her book Sunshine in My Soul, Linda Archibald talks about seeking equilibrium and pacing ourselves so that we don't run faster than we have strength.  "We'll understand that we can be diligent daily without feeling eternally exhausted.  We will balance relaxation with 
stretching and steady improvement.  We will rejoice in baby steps
dream a little instead of just make plans, and respond smoothly to life's transitions.
We will be too busy enjoying each day to stop and take measurements of
how far we've come and how far we have yet. to go.  
Instead, we'll just check our course headings:
'Am I still on the straight and narrow path, . . . 
and little by little improving?'"

A good friend shared an article about meditation with me.  I reread it in preparation for a talk I was giving.  I decided to practice the simple guidelines and to meditate for ten minutes.  As I finished, my eyes fell on a picture of the Savior that my son gave me.  I've always loved this particular print.  The Savior is seated, staff in hand, a flock of sheep in the background.  One sheep is nuzzled at his feet  and another sheep rests his chin in the Savior's outstretched hand.  As I gazed at the picture, I reflected on the Savior's hand stretched out in love.  In Deuteronomy the children of Israel are reminded to not be afraid, but to remember their deliverance from the Egyptians
" . . . the signs, and the wonders, and the mighty hand, and the stretched out arm,
whereby the Lord thy God brought thee out: . . . "  (Deuteronomy 7:18,19)  
I want to spend more moments in the Savior's outstretched hand,
understanding that he knows me and wants me to stretch,
to rejoice in baby steps, and to improve little by little.   


  1. I love your thoughts in this post! Read it right before I head into my acupuncture session and I know it will be helpful as I meditate! Thanks mom!

  2. I call the movement you explain Baby Steps. When I work with teachers, I have to provide the right message and it is take baby steps. Same thought for our journey. Thank you shedding more light on this with your OLW stretch, Ramona.

  3. I love the concept of celebrating the small steps. Living extraordinarily means to make the ordinary moments mean something. I also love all the images the Bible has of God's outstretched hand. He's reaching out to us all the time. We just need to stretch our own hand out to meet His. I enjoyed writing and reading about your word this week, Ramona! Thank you for encouraging us to STRETCH!

  4. Growing closer to the Savior is a "stretching" process. That your post's messege to me today. Thanks for sharing your inspiration.

  5. Ramona, these last three lines are so meaningful:
    "I want to spend more moments in the Savior's outstretched hand,
    understanding that he knows me and wants me to stretch,
    to rejoice in baby steps, and to improve little by little."
    Perhaps I should write them down and place that note somewhere visible. Thank you for your encouragement!