Saturday, June 6, 2015

Celebrate This Week!

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 When we pause to celebrate, we find the joy.
Discover. Play. Build.
  A week filled with moments to celebrate and remember!

Celebrating Birthday Week! 

Throw back pics  & notes posted by Sara on Instagram,
A visit from the Lundell ladies:
mom, Imi, and her big sisters, Kilee and Lenna,  
 Lenna (rising 1st grader) read me her card.  
A long phone chat with Jan, my bff in OK, and 
discovering that poet Joyce Sidman is my birthday twin.

Phone calls from my siblings and Kara, my teacher niece,
cards from family and friends,
and many greetings on Facebook
Beautiful peonies from hubby 
with Hood strawberries handpicked by Sara & Will 
in OR for freezing and shortcakes.

A beautiful jar filled with 60 memories from my family
and color-coded by family member.
Thanks, Sara, for masterminding this special gift!

A visit to a new-to-me indie bookstore, Parkplace Books,
with this beautiful sculpture nearby.
A stroll along the Kirkland waterfront
and these macarons shared with Sara and Will.

Yummy sandwiches at Homegrown with Sara, Will, and Karen E.
(with a promise of another bday lunch to come).
I love stretching out the celebrations!

A Skype visit with Blake and Stefi
accompanied by an Island Books gift card
and Anne Peterson's chocolates.
A copy of Christy from Sara and Will
(an all-time favorite book that is out of print),
and a Powell's book bag from Lance. 
Beautiful salads for dinner.

This birthday cake (Mom's chocolate buttermilk cake recipe)
 with yummy sour cream chocolate frosting (Amber's recipe)
baked by Sara and served on Mom's special birthday plate.

It is such a treat to have Sara and Will here 
waiting "patiently" for their moving truck to arrive
with time to indulge me during birthday week.  
Thanks, everyone, for a spectacular sixtieth!


  1. What a wonderful week Ramona! I love the jar of memories and the fact that you have a birthday week. What about a birthday month?!

    1. Julieanne, one of my friends had a birthday year for her fiftieth. Possibilities abound!

  2. Ramona, I am glad that your birthday week has been filled with so many fun celebrations. Yummy looking chocolate cake and strawberries!

  3. Happy Birthday! Your week sounds and looks colorful and yummy.

  4. What a week of celebration! We will continue that celebration in Warsaw. How wonderful to have your daughter and her husband so close!

  5. Enjoyed seeing your photos filled with celebrations!

  6. What a wonderful birthday! You look so happy.

  7. Sounds (and looks) like a terrific birthday! May you have a year filled with terrific times with friends and family, great books and much joy!

  8. Look at you, glowing with all the love! Beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Mmm, strawberries....

  9. Happy birthday, Ramona! What a lovely way to celebrate with family by your slide and sharing pictures with all of us! Whoever said retirement was for slowing down has not met you yet!

  10. So nice to celebrate with family! Happy Birthday!!

  11. Happy Happy Birthday. From Peonies to important to you people - it sounds like the best of days.

  12. Aw, happy birthday, Ramona - looks you had had the best series of celebrations!

  13. What a great celebration for you to have your family surround you with love in honor of your birthday! Sounds like it was the perfect day. :)