Friday, June 26, 2015

Poetry Friday

Dear friends in Idaho coax me onto the water.  Here's my poem to capture our precious evening together:

Launched from muddy rocky shores 
toward smooth center of Emerald Lake
we trail intrepid daughter.
Her serene stance
belies dancing butterflies 
of maiden paddleboard venture.
Two friends pedal orange kayak,
one energetic dog slices across our path
gleefully retrieving stick.
Three bobbing buoys 
become bulwarks on far shore. 
As we draw closer buoys transform,
three pelicans soar into evening sky, 
our evening's grace note!  
                                            - Ramona Behnke

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Thanks for hosting, Carol!


  1. What a beautiful capturing of a special moment. I love the three bobbing buoys that transform into pelicans. I think this poem would make a terrific friendship or thank you card!

  2. What an adventure, sounds wonderful, Ramona, that maiden voyage and all, on the water.

  3. That's lovely, Ramona! Here's to more times like these over the summer!

  4. You captured the moment perfectly!

  5. Sounds like you had a wonderful adventure, Ramona. I love the soaring pelicans!