Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tuesday SOL: Treasured Moments!

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Kathy and I walk the neighborhood.  Kara's car in the drive keeps us from driving to Kathy's favorite favorite walking spot in a small park.  I propose a walk to our old house.  On the way we pass Russell Clark's house, Kat and Karl's former home, Mike Billy's house, Dortha's Baptist church, and then a right turn down my favorite block . . . the Gattenby's house, Aunt Edna's house, the Des Jardin's house, our house, Peggy's house, the Davenport's, the England's, Mrs. Dowdy's place, Granny's house, Aunt Becky's house, and the Magdalena's house. Never mind, that other people occupy each and every home on the block now. For me, those homes on the block where I grew up will forever be occupied by the families and people I knew and loved.  

We continue another block down Tyler Street to the corner of D where I gaze at Dortha's house and the abbreviated front yard clipped off by the now paved road.  But the beautiful tree where we first met and spent endless summer days playing under still stands.  Then a right turn down D street to stroll by a building for sale, once the neighborhood store (remember those?).  We check out Aunt Ruby Dee's house, Dawn Russell's house, and then a left turn down Taylor to walk by Elaine Jarrett's house.  We retrace our steps on Taylor, glance down the block toward Carol's and Steve's house, and then head back to Rock Road. We make one more detour to swing by Aunt Jewell's and Uncle Burl's place and Mrs. Sorrells' house (still occupied by her).  Someday I'll do a post on Mrs. Long, our junior high health and PE teacher who became Mrs. Sorrells when we were in junior high.  

I've spent the past week in my hometown with my brother Karl, and his wife Kat.  I'm a master of the quick trip (usually four days).  Leave before they get tired of you is my motto.  

But this trip has been a leisurely, extended trip (thanks to Alaska Airlines and needing to fly out of Dallas instead of Tulsa and staying a few extra days since my brother's vacation begins on Thursday, and he can drop me at DFW airport on his way to San Antonio).  I arrived for the funeral of my best friend's mother, sat with several members of the class of '73 at the funeral,  attended church with extended family and friends on Sunday, relished a quick visit from my niece, Kara, (who just completed her first AVID conference as a trainer), and came to T-town (Tulsa) yesterday with my BFF, Jan.  She indulged me with a drive down E. 58th Place so I could see our first home and Mary and Pop's place.  

We ended a perfect day in her relaxing recliners, as she opened mail and caught up on Facebook while I plunged back into Circus Mirandus. We topped off our day of bliss with chocolate sheet cake and milk while we read side by side, comfortable in an old friendship that can meander through 48 shared years.  With udder mudder's passing, we've stood side by side through the funerals of four parents.  We are now the older generation, although in our hearts we'll forever be those 7th grade giggling girls who first met in junior high school.


  1. Ramona, what a lovely trip down memory lane! It is so true that the giggling 7th grader will always live somewhere inside of us. It is truly a beautiful moment when she surfaces again in the company of longtime friends! And let me know when you finish Circus Mirandus because I am itching to talk to someone about it!

  2. This is lovely, Ramona. I love hearing about all those people in those homes, imagine you and your friend remembering. When I was in Missouri, we went back to our little town & did the same thing, although we drove all over instead of walking. And today, you'll see, I wrote a similar post about here, & those memories. Glad you had a good time going back!

  3. I was in awe of the memories you possess as you ticked off each house's inhabitants! I felt like I was on a walking tour of your childhood. And yes, the best friends are those you can sit with in a silence that doesn't beg for words to fill it.

  4. Just lovely! What a great "trip" through your hometown and old friendships.

  5. What a wonderful trip down memory lane. I love the image of "comfortable in an old friendship." I still have contact with 7 of my high school friends and that image fits us well even when we have not seen each other in years. By the way, the last milk jug I bought said AUGUST! yuck!

  6. I love this. Your last paragraph cements your feeling about your friendship.

  7. Ramona, I so enjoyed hearing the story of your hometown memories. It is in friendship that we can relive the past to remember how sweet life was. I'm back writing this week after my ILA15 presentation and glad to be home.

  8. I loved every single bit of this post, Ramona. You had a rich childhood in that hometown - so much love in those places you stopped by...and great memories, too.

  9. Sounds like you had a great week remembering and enjoying people that you love.