Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Tuesday SOL: Airport Fun - How to While Away 5+ Hours at the Airport!

Today I join my fellow bloggers in "serving up a slice" 
to the Tuesday Slice of Life (SOL) community.
Thanks to Stacey, Tara, Betsy, Dana, Beth, and Anna
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We had a 4 1/2 hour drive to the airport this morning. We believe in arriving early and building in time for problems that could crop up.   Hubby's flight leaves two hours before my flight.  And yes, we were supposed to return home together, but the death of my best friend's mother (udder mudder) changed my travel plans.

Things to do when you arrive at the airport 5 1/2 hours before your flight departs:

1.  Check in rental car.  Get reduced rate for a one day earlier return.  Check once, twice, three times to be sure you didn't leave anything behind.  Hey, there's no rush to make a flight that is hours away.

2.  Take rental car shuttle to airport.

3.  Walk the entire terminal in search of food options.  Result - few choices.  Decide on light lunch - splitting a healthy sandwich and an unhealthy bag of chips with hubby.  Why is airport food so unappetizing?  And why are there no restaurants or gas stations in close proximity to airports?

4.  Call brother and share flight information with him.  He'll be driving three hours to pick me up and yes, it's three hours back to his house tonight.

5.  Call BFF to let her know that I can help out tomorrow, available for any task that she assigns to me.

6.  Call brother to secure guest room for udder mudder's granddaughters.

7.  Charge computer.

8.  Check bag.  You can't check it until four hours before flight time - bet you didn't know that.

9.  Walk laps in the airport.

10.  Compose Slice of Life.

11.  Charge phone.

12.  Walk some more.  I didn't walk much in KS.  It was too hot!  But I enjoyed great food.

13.  When I hit 10,000 steps, I'll stop to comment on blogs.

14.  Be grateful the AC in the airport terminal is working!

15.  Remember that Circus Mirandus is in my carry-on bag.  This may interfere with my planned activity of reading and commenting on blogs!

16.  Discover that I can't publish the post.  Silly airport WiFi!  Off to get in those steps.  Flight time is creeping closer.

17.  Stop to save this post in Word (in case it gets lost in blogger).

18.  Whew!  Different spot in airport allows me to save and publish.  Time to get back to those steps.


  1. I'm guessing you were in the KC airport, they don't have much for food options. What a long day for you! But you did make the best of it. Sorry for your friend's loss.

  2. This was a great little "slice." And no, I did not know about #8 - how about that! I smiled throughout your post - I felt like I was almost there with you, especially when you set those goals for yourself (walk 10,000 steps then comment on blogs). I don't travel much myself, but when I do, I always hate the waiting around in airports... though it does allow me to catch up on reading! I actually think some of my best reading experiences have been in airports! :)

  3. Ahhh...sounds like a crazy day but a good kind of crazy! Glad to hear you made the most of getting those steps in.

  4. Sad to hear about your friend's mother, never easy. Sarah, the girls & I just spent long hours after dropping Carter. Luckily we left the airport & went outside, drove quite a ways to find a place. But what we discovered later was that Starbucks & another nice, albeit fast food, place was "inside" the gate. Unless you already checked in, you were at the mercy of not much, agreed. Glad you got it published, & good for you for at least walking!

  5. Sounds like you really did make the best of a not great situation- a little exercise, a little reading (I've heard great things about CIRCUS MIRANDUS), and a little blogging. I actually love airports, after I get through the juggling everything part at security. I love watching people.

  6. Reading and writing. Great things to do while you wait. Thinking of you and your friend. Take Care! Jennifer Sniadecki

  7. I am sorry for the lost of your udder mudder whose name speaks of what she meant to you. Your love and support will mean so much to your BFF! That is a lot to have on your mind! So it is impressive that you made a choice to wisely spend your extra airport time!

  8. Thinking of you Ramona, your friend is lucky to have someone like you willing to travel and be there when she needs you most. Loved the way you described your wait time - you made the most of it!

  9. What a good friend you are. I enjoyed reading your post...the list of things you had to do to keep busy. It sounds like you made the most of your time. I'm impressed you chose to walk. I might have decided to sit and read and eat several bags of those unhealthy chips. :)

  10. I knew the cant check your bag in prior to 4 hours...apparently I have been to the airport too early before or had really long lay overs where I had to re check in (switching airlines). So glad you were able to rearrange your schedule to support your friend!

  11. Well, this is the "bff" just now catching up on the blog. Tears are making it hard to comment because I can't SEE what I'm SAYING, but I want to thank each of you for your kind words. "Yall" may have BFFs of your own, but I assure you, mine's the best!