Sunday, December 13, 2015

Celebrate This Week

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                                          When we pause to celebrate, we find the joy. 
Discover. Play. Build.
  A week filled with moments to celebrate and remember!

I'm late to the celebration, but that's because I was busy celebrating Christmas with my church family.  Our ladies' group was in charge of the party.  The above pic was taken on Friday evening as we finished set-up for Saturday's party.  We based our celebration on a Polar Express theme, enjoyed dinner together, journeyed to the North Pole, and encouraged the little ones to ring their bells for Santa's arrival.  We closed the evening with a few songs and Silent Night as a lovely reminder to believe in the "Son of God, love's pure light" whose "redeeming grace" is a reminder of His love for each of us.  I'm especially thankful for all who contributed to making this a lovely evening for our church family.  I hope you'll enjoy these pics from the celebration.  The only one I took was of Miss Imi, but her mom shared some with me.  
Ticket taker collects Polar Express tickets
(that's Imi's big sis, Lenna).  
Note the train tracks leading into the dining car.  
After dinner, guests enjoyed desserts and the hot chocolate bar. 
If you look closely, you'll see Santa entering our
dining car after our arrival at the North Pole.  
And this is my buddy, Imi, and 
her beautiful mommy, Mallory!


  1. Clever theme, looks so nice, Ramona. Glad you waited to share. Have a happy week!

  2. Wahoo for a successful party and more wahoo it is over =)