Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Slice of Life: Rainy Ruminations

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Evidence that it's raining more than usual in Seattle:

Every student who arrived at the high school where I was substituting on Monday was drenched.  It's a satellite campus and most of them walk from about two blocks away.  When I left school on Monday afternoon, it rained inside my car for the next twenty minutes.  I had parked my car on a slope and for some reason the rain pooled on the roof and dripped on me (inside the car) while I ran my errands.   I'm convinced that it was because of the slope where I parked.  I've never had this problem before, and there was no repeat performance today even though I was out in the rain for four hours.  

My biggest concern when I left Costco this afternoon was for the 10 lb. sack of sugar I had just purchased.  Everything else could withstand the pounding rain.  The sack of sugar was too big to stash in my jacket.  The lady at the door helped me solve the problem by putting it under the clamshell apple container.  Thank goodness for her quick thinking.  As I paused  just outside the store to zip up and pull on my hood, I watched as the playful wind whisked several umbrellas inside out.  

More rain than usual, the darkest December day in nine years on Monday, an atmospheric river over Western Washington, and today we added wind gusts to our winter brew.  Some would say to be grateful that the temps were warm enough so we didn't have snow.  But I think snow is more fun than rain, especially in Seattle where snow brings everything to a standstill.  

Thank goodness for that tiny bit of dry weather Sunday afternoon when I managed to put the white lights on the deck.  They comfort my wet, bedraggled soul on these short, gloomy days.  Just checked the fifteen day forecast and there's only one day with a bit of sun peeking through the clouds.  I'm hanging on to my belief that extended weather forecasts are unreliable.  That's my hope, and I'm clinging to it!


  1. I'm glad you're not too worried about the weather. Our weather person predicts big flooding in your area. We will have nearly 70 tomorrow & then snow on Friday & Saturday. Who knew that this would be such a strange weather time? Keep dry!

  2. Our youngest son loves rain and always always walks in it. We joke with him that he might not love it so much if it came as often as it does in Seattle! I will share with him your post. xo

  3. I agree with you that snow might be better than rain. Brings some light and beauty. Then again snow also means cold temperatures and ice on the road. I hope it snows when the holidays start. I am sorry about your car.