Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Slice of Life: Our 3rd Dinner Guest!

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Dinner's ready!  So why am I tearing into the package we just bought at Michaels?  My daughter wonders why this can't wait until we've eaten dinner.  But our Thai takeout will have to wait.  I must include our third guest.  

My daughter gave her to me several years ago.  She sat propped on top of the bookcase for awhile until I finally put her in the car so I could frame her.  She traveled there for several months and during one frenzied car clean out was carried into the house and misplaced.  I recently found her again. So when daughter invited me over for a mother daughter sleepover, I started a bag of things to take to her house:  the sweater that needed a button, the gift that needed a frame, books I wanted to share, her Christmas picture books that still needed a note from me...

We stopped by her house before heading out to do some errands and you guessed it, she was carried in.  So rather than abandon hope of finally framing her, I insisted we stop by to retrieve her before picking up our Thai takeout dinner.  We stopped by Michaels and I wandered the aisles of frames,  finally deciding on a white frame since all the brown frames weren't quite right.  I was surprised by the price, 24.99!  But daughter assured me she could pull up a 40% off coupon on her phone.  

As we headed for the checkout, we discovered one more spot with tabletop frames and there, on the bottom shelf, I found the perfect frame for $10.99 (and we could still use the 40% off coupon)!  

When you find the perfect frame, dinner can wait!  And that's why I took off the cellophane wrap, removed the back, discovered the print was a bit too big, trimmed the white excess, and inserted the picture - all before opening any white takeout cartons or taking a single bite of our delicious Thai dinner.  After all she was our honored guest!


  1. Frames have gotten a bit pricey, but you found a deal and a perfect match for the print. Now where will she reside permanently?

    1. Not sure yet, but she's going to book club this afternoon.

  2. Very cute - glad she is framed and out for people to see!

  3. Aw, so darling, Ramona. I kept trying to imagine what you were going to show us! You led us on very well. Glad you found that frame, just right!

  4. Beautiful, Ramona! I would have delayed dinner, too.

  5. Ramona, I can so relate to wanting to get something ready RIGHT NOW, before supper... and how precious! Also, a mother daughter sleepover? Makes me smile and smile! xo

  6. I am impressed by the mother daughter sleepover-how splendid Ramona.