Saturday, April 16, 2016

Poetry Friday: 8 Poets I've Met!

Head over to Today's Little Ditty
 for this week's roundup of poetry love
with Michelle Heidenrich Barnes.
Thanks for hosting, Michelle!

Arriving late tonight, but keeping my promise to show up
every Friday to share 30 poets and books I love 
(I'm up to 15 now).
Today I'm featuring poets I've met (or heard speak)
and a favorite book by each poet.

All Write Conference 2013
1.  Amy Ludwig VanDerwater - Forest Has a Song

Workshop for The Poetry Box at Islander Middle School - October 2014
2.  Janet Wong - Night Garden  

NCTE 2014
3.  Irene Latham - Fresh Delicious
4.  Paul Janeczko - A Foot in the Mouth:  Poems to Speak, Sing, and Shout
5.  Laura Purdie Salas - BookSpeak!  Poems About Books
6.  Joan Bransfield Graham - Flicker Flash 
7.  Sylvia Vardell - Poetry Out Loud

All Write Conference 2015
8.  Georgia Heard - This Place I Know:  Poems of Comfort


  1. What a great selection of poetry books and lucky you to have heard each of these authors/poets speak and read.

  2. Ramona, this is a wonderful set of reminders to us that great poetry is but a book away.

  3. What a list, Ramona. There are a few I needed to be reminded of! Thanks!

  4. Although I've read many of these, Ramona, I haven't read all, so thanks for the ever-so-thoughtful kick in the pants! ;)

  5. Great line-up! Love that poets are the celebrities you collect!!

  6. I am so grateful to have met you, Ramona! I hope we meet again! xx