Friday, May 27, 2016

Poetry Friday: Concrete Poetry

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Thanks, Julie, for hosting this week.

I'm still reading a few books of poetry that I checked out in April for National Poetry Month.  I've returned most of the books, but saved a few back that I hadn't read yet.  This week I explored Bob Raczka's new book, Wet Cement:  A Mix of Concrete Poems.  It's as delightful as his other books.  
It was difficult to choose my favorite poems since I loved all of them.  But I forced myself to choose three.  My favorite has to be "Dipper" with these exquisite words:  "...I'm a vessel of stars, my brim overflowing with the night."  I love the rhythm in "Dominoes,"  a perfect poem for teaching the importance of syllables in poetry.   The third poem I chose is "Lightning."  A perfect glimpse of "...a  bad mood sky," zigzagging its way down to the " tantrum."  I tried taking pictures of the poems, but they don't do justice to the creative images painted on the page by Bob.  

So I'll leave you with this page from the beginning of the book.  Be sure to read his last paragraph and invitation:  "I hope these poems make you smile.  I hope they make you look at words in a fresh way.  Most of all, I hope they make you want to play with words yourself."   
And now you simply must request this book from your local library or visit your indie bookstore to obtain your own copy so you can savor every single page.  It's sure to provide summer fun that will inspire poetic play. 


  1. On my list, sounds wonderful! I love that "bad mood sky", just right for children to find a kinship with. Have a great weekend, Ramona.

  2. Sounds wonderful. I love the phrase 'cloud tantrum'.

  3. I love concrete poetry. But it's hard!! I'll have to read this one soon. I'm reading a bunch of poetry books, too. Dipping a toe and having it come back out technicolor. :-)

  4. And I must simply find this book, Ramona. Thank you for sharing it.

  5. This sounds like a fun book that kids will love. Thanks for sharing it with us, Ramona!