Saturday, June 18, 2016

Celebrate This Week: Books, A Baby, and A Toddler

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A week filled with moments to celebrate and remember. 

1.  Books
A neighbor from down the lane dropped by with a gift for me this week.  It was a book to celebrate my impending grandmother status!  We often laugh because the place we see each other most frequently is the library.  With our library closed for renovations, we need to find a new meeting place.  My friend Coleen was in town to meet her new granddaughter, Natalie.  And of course, our talk turned to books.  Off we went to Island Books so I could share Polar Bear's Underwear with her.  I knew it was perfect for her grandchildren.  And she gifted me with my own copy of this title. I know you may have already read my slice of life about our final meeting of the school year for our after school book club, Books, Brownies, and Beyond.  Just in case you missed it, here's the link to our padlet and here's the picture of our club at Island Books, each clutching a title we plan to read this summer.

2.  A Baby
I'm a grandmother-in-waiting, waiting for my first grandchild.  Yesterday was the due date!  So I'm positive that by next Saturday I'll have some pics to post.  This past week I attended a Grandparent Night at Island Books with Nancy Stewart, island resident and promoter of all things musical.  It was delightful as we went around the room and introduced ourselves by mentioning the number of grandchildren we have.  As I mentioned that I was waiting for my grandson's arrival, someone behind me interjected:  "Is that Blake's child?"  It was the mom of one of his high school friends.  I love our little community!  And this gathering is where I was introduced to
Polar Bear's Underwear.

3.  A Toddler
I was on my way for a play date with Imi when my neighbor popped by with her gift.  So I took the book with me and let Imi open it.  Then we read A Baby Blessing by Welleran Poltarnees together.
Can you tell that she approves?  

I can't wait to share Polar Bear's Underwear with her and her sisters.  (Fingers crossed that they don't already have the title.)


  1. Oh Ramona, I've been in your waiting shoes! Waiting is sooooo hard for grandmas! What a great friend to give you that fun book. You have the cutest play date pal.

  2. I hope this response finds you the grandmother of a very happy and healthy baby. Being a grandmother IS THE VERY BEST. Can't wait to see pictures and read stories.

  3. I hope you'll share via e-mail or FB about this new little boy, Ramona. I just read your other post, didn't even look at the date, & obviously I missed it last week, so. . . Holding my breath as I'm sure you are!

  4. Wonderful celebrations! So excited for you.

  5. Imi is so cute! That is book love at its finest. I can't wait to read about the arrival of your grandbaby! Exciting times!

  6. Ramona- CONGRATULATIONS! You will love, love, love being a grandmother! Two more titles you have to get hold of! BOSS BABY and 15 THINGS NOT TO DO WITH A BABY. My grandbaby lives 1000 miles away. On Tuesday, she is coming for three weeks. It's a ton of work to get my childless house ready for her, but I can't wait to see her! Can't wait for your pictures!

  7. I am so excited for you, Ramona. A Grandmother in waiting is such a lovely term. Maybe the baby has already arrived and you will let us know through photos. Best of luck to your family on a peaceful birth of a new citizen of the world (who will be full of the love of books before one years old.

  8. What an exciting time for everyone! You will be a great grandmother! I can just see all of the books in his library! Keep us posted.

  9. Waiting, with bated breath, for your happy news, my friend!

  10. Ramona, what an exciting time!! Wishing a safe and happy delivery for all involved... what a blessing! Yes, please share pictures. xo

  11. We don't have that book, I don't think I have even ever heard of it. We will be excited to have you read it to us later this summer!