Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Slice of Life: Serendipity on the Way Home!

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When I took Irene Latham to Seattle to meet Carmen T. Bernier Grand for her ride to WWU and Poetry Camp, I used Google maps.  I don't know Seattle at all, but I do know enough to know that we took a very circuitous route to Leonie's home .  I called it our stair step adventure - 1 block north, 1 block west, repeat over and over.  We eventually arrived. but I was convinced that I could improve on Google's directions and so I struck out on my own, to bird dog my way home. 

Success?  No!  
I found myself under the overpass of the bridge I needed to be on to cross Lake Washington.  I continued on a bit, recognizing a few streets, confident that I could still find my way home.  And that's when I stumbled across a most serendipitous discovery.  

I found the park that I had accidentally discovered several years ago on another lost in Seattle adventure.   My sister-in-law and her husband were visiting us prior to their Alaskan cruise.  We wandered around Seattle after dinner, and they laughed as I found myself totally lost.  But we did find this little park with a great view of downtown Seattle.  I've often wondered where I was and wished I could find that little park again.  

That won't happen again.
Because this time, I parked the car and took a picture of the street sign.
I snapped this pic of the small entrance to the viewpoint.
I snapped this pic of the view framed in golden leaves.
And this pic of downtown Seattle. 
And this pic of the neighborhood plaque informing me
of my whereabouts at Mt. Baker Ridge Viewpoint.  
Isn't it lovely what can be discovered by turning off Google maps?  


  1. I have never thought about how it might be good to get lost since I get lost on the regular—even with a map turned on! I love your perspective.

  2. Oh you are brave to have turned off the map...but look at the delights you found! Fabulous photographs.

  3. Your lost is Seattle did turn out t be a serendipitous discovery again! How lucky for you and how lucky for us that we got to "visit" too! My favorite picture is the view framed with the golden leaves! Glad you decided to ditch Google, if only for a little bit.

  4. Oh, so beautiful, Ramona! I love the pictures, and story. That was crazy getting to Leonie's, wasn't it? Ha! Hope it's a great day. XO.

  5. This really is serendipity at its best, Ramona. I love that you found your "lost" little park, and those pictures are awesome. What a view! You are quite the adventurer! I look at Google Maps online, then take my own notes. It can take one to the oddest places! Have a wonderful day!

  6. What fun to be able to allow yourself a chance to get lost and then to find what you are not looking for at the moment! I love this story and your pictures are great!

  7. What a discovery! I had to laugh when you said you turned off Goggle maps and planned to get back on your own. I'm remembering a certain journey on some back roads in Indiana.

  8. Yes, we need a bit less tech and be more stair- stepping.

  9. Cheers to your risk-taking. You had an adventure.I love the pic with the golden leaves framing the view.

  10. You had a beautiful day on Seattle to get lost. My sister and I ditched Google on the way to the airport last summer and had a great day.