Saturday, November 5, 2016

Celebrate This Week: A Commemorative Tin!

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A week filled with moments to celebrate and remember.

Today I'm celebrating . . .

Finding a use for this little box
I received it when I was lucky enough to visit the West Wing of the White House during our recent  trip to the east coast.  A tour of the West Wing?  Yes, Sara's sister-in-law, Anne, is married to Andrew Coy, former executive director of Digital Harbor Foundation, and now Senior Advisor for Making at the White House.  He gave us an evening tour of the West Wing and showed us the room where he had met with Kid Science Advisors two days before.  President Obama made a visit to the meeting and invited the students to step across the hall and visit the oval office.  We weren't allowed to take any pics inside the White House, but here we are outside,
and here we are in the Press Room, 
and here's my pic of the White House 
taken from the Eisenhower Executive Office Building
where Andrew works.

And my use for the Commemorative White House
Whitman Chocolates Tin?
 These cute push pins that I found 
while shopping with my daughter -
Start Today, Dream Big, Have Fun, Always Smile!


  1. Visiting the White House is one of my good memories of long, long ago, my first time in DC, with my Girl Scout Troop! It was a great experience then, and I'm so glad this happened to you, too, Ramona. Wonderful pics!

  2. This was a special visit. Lucky you. I am happy for you!

  3. How fun, fun, fun! I just love Washington DC and am so jealous that you got to tour the White House. Great memories!

  4. Exciting! Loved the little tour you shared with us. Hoping that the White House will continue to be a pleasant place to visit . . .

  5. How exciting, Ramona! Especially with this particular President, whose grace and dignity we will long remember.

  6. What an exciting event! Love the tin and your new push pins.

  7. Exciting!
    When I went to school in Boston, I had a friend who lived near there. It was incredible! (It's hard to believe that as a Canadian I have never been to Ottawa!)

  8. Ramona, a tour of the West Wing is so special. Photos are great accompaniments to the post.