Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Slice of Life: I Was Part of the Team!

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Today was one of those days when I got to be part of the team.  I've never been involved in sports. Many decades ago my college roommate convinced me that I should play intramural volleyball, but after one game she thought maybe it would be okay if I stayed home.

Today was a funeral for a member of our small congregation.   As the leader of our women's organization, I asked a few people to help set up, prepare food, and clean up after the luncheon.  It was a blessing to work with dedicated, faithful people willing to make this difficult time a little easier for one of our fellow saints and her family.

I just stopped to count the love in action . . . twenty-four people (if I remembered everyone) were on the team!  As I sat in the room with family and friends for a few minutes, I was grateful for all the people who showed their love by giving of their time and talents today.  Tonight I received a call from one of the ladies (my senior by quite a few years) who was upset that someone else (I was the guilty party) had taken the tablecloths that she wanted to launder.  (I promptly delivered them to her home!)  You can see that it's clear that not only was I part of the team, but today I had the good fortune to be on the winning team.


  1. I'm sorry for this loss, Ramona, but what a beautiful piece of gratitude you just wrote! I remember the women from a small church in the little town where I grew up mostly who served us at my mother's funeral. In addition to doing what they could do with our luncheon, each one visited with family members sharing memories of my mother. It was a joy to see some of these women whom I hadn't seen in years. You were indeed part of the winning team today. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Teams aren't just for sports, you are an awesome team player. What a gift for the bereaved family to have the team support them in their grief. Well done, my friend!